Why the Dota 2 Map NEEDS to CHANGE (and why it might in patch 7.22)

Does Dota need a new map?

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34 thoughts on “Why the Dota 2 Map NEEDS to CHANGE (and why it might in patch 7.22)

  • I think i'm switch to the old TFT Dota , maybe when they stop changing the map so fast , then i will come back and play again this game , its harder and harder to play dota 2 , i play for 11 years from the first dota , now i know nothing about this game , more items , removed items , new abillty ,remove ability , talents , lvl 30 , and its bad . If you play dota for 5-6 hour/ day its no problem , but if you play in free time like me like 3-4 games / week then you losse the game , this isn't Dota anymore

  • Removing the offlane shrines is actually a great idea for balancing the Roshan access area while nerfing the triangle as well. Switching the ancient camps is also a good idea.

  • If ever they add another rosh it should be a team buff as a reward, so its a choice between giving one hero in your team an extra life or giving the entire team a buff boost.Sounds fair to me.

  • They should be able to change the game view.. (like when your playing Radiant side. Change the map position invert or reverse the map like the bottom radiant and when your dire or bottom dire… Like reverse.. the whole map… ) sorry shitty grammar..

  • I want offlane shrines removed, bounties alternate spawn on offlanes/ safelane sides. Triangle jungles will be lowered one level. New super ancient creature like roshan will be at the other side in river, that gives a blessing to team that lasts 3 min or until someone kills roshan.

  • I rate they should make 2 rosh pits and a 50% chance of it spawning in one. So you cant predict so easily where rosh is. Then you cant draft for knowing where rosh is

  • Double MAGIC damage rune! Finally pos4/5 could have the chance for 45 seconds to solo pickoff anybody. Seems OP, I know, but PA with DD is as much OP…

  • 2 seperate maps 1 for professional games and 1 for general pubs – and then fix the general pub map so that i'st even and add another roshan type objective!

  • No second roshan jr please, just make power runes more powerful but only spawn on the bottom so we see fights there more.

  • They definitely need to change the structure of the 4 plateus in the jungles, right now, you can deward every mediocre ward in the secondary jungles/triangles with like 3/4 sentries, which makes them nearly impossible to contest and get vision of.

  • I want something like a change like TALENT trees. Shaking changes like that would be cool and be something new again.

  • Another objective would be awesome maybe something that would if defeated would randomly go in one of the lanes and start pushing like a super heavy catapult not exactly a catapult but you get the image. Some kind of beast that would push the lane in hard and not something you can solo a beast that requires your team to stop before he reaches high ground.

  • Next patch:
    Middle Tower is near to bottom tower
    For dire and for radiant Middle Tower
    Is near to top Tower
    Arc warden can now use rapier
    Anti mage ultimate is now pure damage
    Drow normal attacks turned into
    Iron wood branches projectile
    Viper is now a physical carry again
    Meepo lvl 25 talent adds 2 more meepo
    Finger of Death increases CD into
    65 in max lvl
    Crystal maiden 550 base movement speed
    Techies removed in game
    Morphling ultimate rework
    Venomancer has true shot aura XD
    Elder titan has 3 charges of ultimate
    Lvl 25 talent
    Juggernaut can now Go through
    Fog of war and has True sight
    Tusk lvl 25 talent is now 69% walrus punch chance
    Terrorblade 2 charges of metamorph
    And sunder manacost remove


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