War Thunder vs World of Tanks — Which to Choose? (2018 Updated)



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World of Tanks Website:

World of Tanks Game Description:
World of Tanks puts you in command over 500 war machines from the mid-20th century so you can test your mettle against players from around the world with the ultimate war machines of the era. Command everything from legendary Shermans, Churchills, Tigers, and T-34s—all with a rich battlefield history—to vehicles that boasted feats of engineering design that never reached the production line. In World of Tanks, master the art of armored combat across dozens of maps, bringing historic locations from all over the globe to life and guaranteeing diverse tactical gameplay. The game already has over 180 million devoted fans worldwide. So Roll Out with us!

War Thunder Website:

War Thunder Game Description:

War Thunder is the most comprehensive free-to-play, cross-platform, MMO military game for Windows, Linux, Mac, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One dedicated to aviation, armoured vehicles, and naval craft from World War II and the Cold War. Join now and take part in major battles on land, in the air, and at sea, fighting with millions of players from all over the world in an ever-evolving environment.

In War Thunder, aircraft, attack helicopters, ground forces and naval ships collaborate in realistic competitive battles. You can choose from over 1,000 vehicles and an extensive variety of combat situations many of which are exclusive. You can find yourself blasting your pursuers from a bomber turret, defending your teammates on the ground from an air raid with anti-aircraft guns, shooting down enemy planes with a firestorm from multiple rocket launchers, or trying to sink an enemy warship with a torpedo from a fast attack boat.

Features include:

Seamless cross-platform gameplay between Windows PC, Linux, Mac, PlayStation®4 with Xbox One users being included in PC battles – everyone on the same server.

Over 1,000 highly detailed aircraft, helicopters, tanks, warships and other combat vehicles crafted carefully from historical documents and surviving sources.

80 maps representing the main historical battle theaters.

Intense PvP experiences in full-scale combat missions at various
difficulty settings for all play styles and degrees of experience.

Rich PvE content including dynamic historical campaigns and solo missions.

Regular content updates including new vehicles, maps, missions and nations.

Astonishing graphics, authentic sound effects and beautiful music creating an atmosphere to fully immerse yourself in.

Create custom content for War Thunder and share it on War Thunder Live, with the prospect of earning real money through the Revenue Share Partner System!

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33 thoughts on “War Thunder vs World of Tanks — Which to Choose? (2018 Updated)

  • War thunder is boring point and shoot game. Wot isarcade but more fun and more strategu and you need to think actually

  • World of Tanks: God, that's arcade alright!
    War Thunder Arcade: It's got arcade but balanced out so it isn't incomprehensibly arcadey, rather, mixing realism with arcade for a perfect cocktail
    World of Tanks: VERY overrated. War Thunder: Literally nobody has ever heard of this hidden gem.

  • Gamers that say, they can t play wot and switch from wot to WT, are just noobs.

    I Don t hate WT, Btw…
    But I Don t play it ever again

  • 4 HUGE points here.
    -If you expanded war thunder out to 10 tiers, it would be a lot closer than what you stated. A tier 3 in war thunder would equate to roughly a tier 6 or 7 in wot, and that is a point in wot that you can start to see losses in currency depending on load out.
    -The xp gain varies a lot more between the two, if you do consistently well in WT, you will go much much faster through the xp gains and ranks, while in WOT, the xp gains are heavily nerfed and varies greatly between platforms. On xbox WOT you were garenteed something like 150 xp for a battle while on pc (I tried this just recently) the xp gains feels completely gutted where they took out the garanteed xp from playing a battle and kept the same jacked up system for xp distribution for the team (which seems to cap out around 500 xp (non premium) if you carry your entire team on your back). In war thunder there is no free xp given but it scales much better with what you accomplished during a battle and does not appear to curb your xp gain like wot does. This is a huge factor in them making wot have an extremely slow to the point of nearly intolerable grind.
    -The balancing of tanks seems much better in war thunder with the BR, and not going by tiers in wot, because many tanks are OPAF for their tiers, like one of these tanks was the old IS, tier 6 that could 2 shot or 3 shot any other tank in or above its tier at a rate that no other tank could kill it other than an arty 1 tap. There are many other tanks like this and for squishy tank destroyers with high damage low fire rate weapons this made the game hard to play.
    -RNG BS, in wot the shot dispersion is over exaggerated to such extremes it ruined the game for me. I hated having to pray to RNG that maybe my shot will hit anywhere near where I was aiming. If you are really good at the game you know where you need to aim to pen a heavily armored target. Often times fights happening at mid to long range depended fully on luck for players removing a huge part of the skill curb to make it exactly what it is a semi bad experience. If WOT would change this system to something more like war thunder it would allow more skilled players to actually have the advantages to allow them to win. (the bs in how bad this system is shown by how op the British tank destroyer line (the AT-Tortoise) are nearly impenetrable from anything in or below their tier from the front except for their commander hatch which is really small. I could recall times that I was about 150 meters away from one with my IS and I sat there for over 2 minutes just firing directly at that commander hatch, and missing all except 3 shots which bounced off at auto bounce angles. This is even worse for arty players who have nearly a + – 50 meter circle for hitting a target when fully aimed in.
    sorry for wall text but seriously to sum it up wot is a lesser skill ceiling and MUCH more rng, while war thunder is near pin point with the guns actual dispersion over distance (really not much at all)

  • World of Tanks does have crews, but as you said not rendered. You can injure crew members which lowers the performance of the tank as they are not able to operate their station anymore. For example if you manage to penetrate the tank where the loader would be located another inexperienced crew member must operate his station and thus lowering the reload time. You can heal wounded crew members by equipping first aid kits in the garage! Crew members are rendered as portraits in the garage and this is what I love about World of Tanks! You can personalize individual crew members by naming them, training them like War Thunder to become better at operating their selected tank, and unlock perks for each crew member. Perks are very important in high tier battles and can be the difference of life and death. To name one the sixth sense perk is a good example. When fully trained you will hear a warning sound when an enemy tank is pointing its armament at you even if you haven' spotted the enemy yet so you can react quickly and move out of the way.

  • I played alot of world of tanks really enjoyed it that learning curve was nean, stopped playing when they started pushing out all those pay to win tanks like the fcm french thing the not is6 but better and that one American one. It became way too pay too win and not enough maps.

  • If world of tanks had the physics of warthunder and got rid of crew skills, gold ammo and RNG, it would be perfect imo

  • But a big difference grinding for me is in WT you can keep and replay all the vehicles you buy unlike WoT where you have to decide what vehicles you want to keep or sell. Also you can research future vehicles using any vehicle in that nations tech tree. And you can make money flying airplanes for your tank purchases etc.

  • Warthunder is vastly superior, you can play arcade realistic simulative, on tanks, airplanes, ships, helicopters, you have ww2 vehicles, cold war, modern. Game modes are more skill based then wot (all of them) no rng bullshit, no autoshoot , no hp, and no ridiculous arcade physics and shtiload of other things that make the experience not feel like a game for dumb kids.

  • WOT has more strategy, better E-sports aspect and is just more fun to play if all you are interested in is tanks. WT is more of a completely war sim, but then, I honestly prefer playing WOT for older tanks, DCS for planes and on occasion, AW PVE for modern tank lols. Anytime, I hear somebody say that WT is more realistic than WOT, I cringe. Any game in which you spend 90% of your time looking at your vehicle in 3rd person is nowhere close to being realistic. DCS and ARMA are "realistic" sims, the rest(WT, WOT, AW) are simply arcade games with different features.

  • both, both are flawed and both pay little to no attention to the community, both have Russian BIAS and both are focusing too much on pay-to-win content (OP premiums), well, the one thing I think should make a difference is how much higher the prices at WT are, 800€ for a OP event tank is way too much, the whole thing about the "marketplace" is just a disguise, there's no way you can get enough Gaijin Coins to buy those tanks/aircraft/ships through exchanging containers, you either have to sell event vehicles you put effort into unlocking or simply buy Gaijin Coins from Gaijin, in the end they cost more than simply buying the tokens during the events, it is too much

  • War Thunder, another Gaijin F2P grind for an eternity monotonous game… I had an account erased by Gaijin after an update and lost everything and not one item refunded. I have never returned since, lesson learned. I have personally played both, enjoyed them both for each of their own unique qualities . But I have to say neither is worth their salt . Crossout is headed down the same path. F2P Grind or P2P.

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