Valve is SLOWING DOTA DOWN – Dota 2 Patch 7.23e – Meta, Map, XP Changes

45 thoughts on “Valve is SLOWING DOTA DOWN – Dota 2 Patch 7.23e – Meta, Map, XP Changes

  • i really hate it when people blame valve about patches when its actually icefrog who does it. have you all forgotten who is the creator of dota? hello? valve only handles the hats event games compedium etc. but icefrog is the one who handles patches. fucking get ur ideas right.

  • Coming from a 6 year HoN addiction, DotA at first was really weird but seemingly familiar to me. I've been playing DotA now for just over 2 years and 7.23 is by far my favorite patch so far. The outposts give you something to work toward in the dead lanes, the neutral items feel super good, especially as support, and both the outposts and neutral items give you another reason to interact with your team, something that is definitely missing most of the time at 3k mmr. I think anyone that says DotA is dead is a fool

  • its interesting seeing differing POV from coaches/content creators with different lane specialties. you kinda complete what's missing in the current videos out there. Thank you for doing these!

  • Radiant safe lane is now fucked. Easiest way to win mmr is pray you get dire, and just play the most offensive and controlling offlane you can. Once the t1 goes down, the entire lane and jungle is under your control

  • I play alch MID, do buckler, soul ring, phase boots, radiance, sy, satanic, AC, abyssal. When you give aghs to others you gain right click dmg and spell amp, but you need one aghs too. Pretty much infinte scaling meanwhile my team can have 1 more slot. Also you can farm jungle realy fast with the New map changes

  • In the eyes of a Legend 1 support:

    Xp is gonna be harder for supports now. Tome of knowledge will be selected for cores to reach lvl 30 easier, as they are a priority than support heroes. This leaves supports having slight difficulty. I wonder if any one of you feel the same way

  • Here is the situation where enemy team is stomping you from start. Now counter team fight will be even more difficult more difficult becoz xp talent is removed . It will more one sided from start we cannot turn around more from this patch 7.23e

  • I think the map is becoming more symmetrical and less mirrored.
    Radiant not having a shrine in the safelane jungle makes counter ganking much harder without tps and/or the regen from the shrine. Same applies for the dire offlane jungle.

    Also the ancients being in the radiant safelane jungle but not the dire one completely changes how cores have to go about their farming patterns depending on which side they’re on.

    The problems stem from the issue of where to put rosh without giving one side an advantage.

    Personally i want dota to be mirrored like chess and leave the players to play the map on equal terms. I think rosh needs a solution to its position but i don’t know what it is.

  • I am curious as to how the pros will play around these changes esp. the shrines getting removed at side opposite to roshan. Playing in dire as offlane is kind of worse than playing as radiant. Moreover, since those shrines were removed, it might be subjected to an early objective of controlling dire bottom lane. I am not rly sure but that's my 2 cents for this patch.

  • I think the 5 seconds extra cd to void spirits ult is a little harsh tbh. The str gain and armor reduction is definitely needed, but for his ult they could have reduced the extra cd to maybe 3. Idk man 5 seems like it will completely render him useless in team fights

  • Does this not nerf supports so badly. I mean there's gonna be level gaps even worse now. Level 25 mid and level 15 supp

  • DotA is fine. They really have to balance the neutral items, such quality items drop after just farming one or two camps that its unnecessary to actually farm. All one needs is travels to splitpush and just keep fighting. Mind breaker item is especially a horrible one. Good farming heroes like tb Luna have to always fight and heroes like AM are out.
    If they just Nerf travel CD or make tp scroll longer CD after travel usage then we can hav2 all the awesomeness of old patch with that of the new.
    And fewer neutral items with fewer drops.

  • So whens the big reveal that you've joined up with Dota Alchemy and collaborate with them in your own videos aswell 🙂

  • Yo henry do you think if support players require lesser exp to level up would be a good idea? I got a feeling u would see a lvl 20 core hero with lvl 10 support walking around lol

  • Im doing good against treant
    Im spamming timber and huskar safe and I've got 80% winrate eventhough im mostly against treant venocancer

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