One on One – War Thunder Ground Forces vs World of Tanks

39 thoughts on “One on One – War Thunder Ground Forces vs World of Tanks

  • Would like to say something here. Please be respectful to me and to other commenters. Just because I pick one game over another, doesn't mean I hate the game you like or that I'm calling it bad. These are my opinions, I'm sure you have your own. That doesn't make either one right, they are just opinions. You can disagree with me, but just do it in a respectful way. Anyone that refuses to do that I will remove your comment and ban you from my channel. Thanks.

  • I pick WOT because It doesen't have expensive reskins of already existing tanks plus there is more tank types.

  • You should make a new video on this, since War Thunder now has helicopters and more planes and even more tanks and nations…. This would make a great video for you 🙂

  • Does anybody play Armored Warfare? That's my even though I do play World of Tanks and War Thunder but I'm just better at Armored Warfare.

  • War thunder wins because you get to play all three games in one. I am enjoying it more than both wowts and wowps as well

  • Haven’t enjoyed any of my experiences on the xbox with world of tanks and war thunder, but on the computer world of tanks is really fun. I haven’t tried war thunder in the computer but maybe it’s better too

  • War thunder is more on reality of the battle yet world of tanks is more on the gameplay and fun also world of tanks now has changed alot compare to before

  • I prefer wot because

    1. I don't have a PC and then there's only one

    2. The comunity in wt HATE wot i mean you could obviusly prefer one but Why HATE on the other game. I just don't undestand the hate

  • Lol.. when you do not know how to play wot (when you're a bot) then it's realistic to say that the game is not real … of course. wt has no graphics and physics of movement.. wot is reduced to a professional game so many cries.. ( bots) . greeting from ROIDS-FAME

  • Lets talk problems!!!! It is way more fun and deciding points.

    .Both are russian made with really awfull devs being rude, but WT there are more, worse and even forum moderators are bad.

    .I once tried to play WoT on a normal day (not weekend or hollyday or anything) on a normal time and i just couldnt find a tier 1 battle to play a new nation, clear sign it can die soon, just not sure if there was a problem, or server issues, or anything strange going on or if it really is like that

    .WT may take 5 minutes to find battles on high Tier/BR during the night.WoT have artillery, WT have it too but it doesnt really annoy that much but it also have planes, and we all know how fun it is to play a "TANK" game and die by things coming from above

    .WT barelly have any events.

    .WoT stopped caring about realism (changing tanks armor and penetration) and have plenty of "paper" (project only) and eve totally fictional tanks, WT on the other hand have few paper tanks but the balance is a joke.

    .Both are a big grind fest
    .WoT have a 2 Tier difference on the mm, which is bad, could easilly be 1 or even 0, WT have a 1.0 BR difference and it SHOULD AT LEAST be 0.7, Tiger 2, Jumbos, IS3, IS4, T54 are ridiculously OP when top br, and TIger 2 and T54 are op even when not top br
    .WoT have plenty of mods (modifications) that in one hand can be cool, but on the other a decent part of them offers advantage, even the "legal" ones, and the illegal ones never get banned unless the user post it somewhere. And every new patch you have to update some of them, but have no clue which one is not working anymore or is bugging the game.
    .WT had some lag and PL (PACKET LOSS) in the past, got fixed, aaaand nowadays ITS BACK AGAIN BABY!!!! on a lower degree but still is there

    .WoT have waaaaay more RNG, which is horrible, but WT have WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more bugs, seriously not joking here, you may find one or more on any match, the list is huge, and unfortunately some annoying bus are there for a long time i and dont believe they will get fixed any time. Just a quick list i can remember

    .destroyed objects respawning just after you destroy them (trees, fences), not a server problem, you can sit still at point blanck shoot or ram them and they can get back up

    .bombs from planes sinking under the ground visually, yet exploding normally at the surface making it really hard to see them

    .already happened some times of bombs not making a sound AND not be invisible AT ALL, only the server replay show them, but it is rare

    .was more often but heard a friend saying it happened to him last week, a bug in which planes can ram and kill tanks, even heavys

    .many bugs that might have been fixed, or not but i cant say cause i dont use ATGMs or others features it requires to happen

    .many bugs got fixed, its actually nice, but on the other hand others appear all the time, either new ones or reocurring ones, like the keys being pressed on chat or menus that come and go.

    . way to may spots with bad hit detection objects or terrain, being able to shoot through objects or objects having a bigger area than they visually have, or entire buildings that can be shot through and dont get destroyed.

    .EDIT- forgot to mention the NUMEROUS bs that might not be tecnically a bug but still is ridiculous, like shooting point blank at unangled side armor of enemy tanks, your shell hits ammo rack, it absorve all the damage even having plenty of it remaining, and thats it….ammo rack suck it all and nothing else, not even explosion….that bs happens quite often specially with APCR, and there are plenty of more things like that that is infuriating and affect a lot the outcome

    .And one of the worst things in WT, EVEN IF YOU DO THEIR JOB and report the bug, EVEN IF you do it politely and EVERYTHING they ask for, you can still get an answer like "i could not reproduce this, thread closed". Or you do basically all the things they need and they answer "you didnt attach (something really uninportant after explaining everything through)"

    I played WoT for about 5 years and play WT now for more than 2 years. Yes i have something really wrong with me for playing those 2 rage induncing, bad devs, could be awesome but it is not games

  • Content : wot, so you mean that putting more and more shit russian tanks in the game and make it OP because you are russian, is better than historical accurate models of tanks, Planes, ships and helicopters?

    Edit : your opinion, its just my opinion, Dont take it serius

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