Megaman X´U "PC Gameplay + Download link"

This is a fan game Project created by a friend, I helped a bit on the 3d stuff

Mega Man X is a trademark Owned by CAPCOM
No harm was intentional.

All Rights reserved to capcom.

Please Keep in mind that this is a demo
Many funtionalities weren’t implemented yet
As the proyect goes on, New demos wil be avaliable.

Creator Notes:
This project has almost one year of development, using a good part of my free time in the process.

Mega Man XU is a demo, not a ongoing project.
I’ve noticed that no one was working on a 2.5D Mega Man X project so I decided to create one and see what I goes, learning a lot about game development along the way.
My goal was to try to recreate that feeling of playing a 2D game of Mega Man X in a 3D one. I hope I got it, at least a little.

Hope you like it.



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