Indian comfort food in the heart of Pattaya nightlife – EVEREST RESTAURANT

On of the best Indian comfort food in the heart of Pattaya nightlife. EVEREST RESTAURANT
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Everest restaurant in Pattaya is located in a side soi of 2nd road. Next to soi honey. (back alley of soi honey) . The daily dish is very cheap at 199 baht. And I really can recommend it.
I nice food and restaurant review here in Pattaya.
Later in the video we went to soi buakhao to have a drink and enjoy the nightlife in jony bar. Now called O-bar.

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44 thoughts on “Indian comfort food in the heart of Pattaya nightlife – EVEREST RESTAURANT

  • Who wants to pay good money, for gravy bread and rice ⁉️👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼Indian food is crap 💩

  • Thai Gov said more than 46% of fruits and veg bought at local markets do not pass safety test. they contain very high levels of dangerous pesticides and chemicals, even higher levels when bought at chain supermarkets. Something ,to think about when eating a hamburger or salad . Also ,any Thai soup meals you buy are made with city water -not bottled . Thai people have bacteria in their system that we do not ,.Enjoy your meal

  • Steff, I’ve heard from nearly all the Thai Vloggers you bitch about them which is sad, I did subscribe to you but I’ll leave now because of the way you behave. I liked your vids before but why the need to disrespect other vloggers? Sad you do this and bye bye😮

  • This is not a high speed system Steff, this is a slow tram like in many European cities . Many articles from Pattaya news talk about it , as you are an engineer ,maybe you can help with the project. But who knows if you look in an English, English dictionary under mistake you will see my name

  • Is Pattaya changing. Pattaya City hall set aside 70 million baht for Tram ,light rail project, goodbye baht buses will go on beach road ,2nd road & Soi Bowkou

  • I've just eaten my dinner and that Indian food still made me hungry! Nice vlog, Steff, and those night scenes brought back memories. As for that guy on the step ladder…you wouldn't have got me doing that!

  • 620 baht is extortionate. He could have eaten Korean or Japanese in Center festival for an hour all in for half of that price.

  • Great reporting Steff. Your mates the 2 Nicks have also reviewed this particular restaurant giving it a similar review of about 8 out of 10. You got the best deal, set meal with a beer 259 baht imo. The other meal too expensive. I doubt that lamb is used, mutton at best or most likely goat meat. Also Jony bar is your hangout with Extra bar being the other vloggers hangout so good to see Soi Buahkow at a different location. I notice that Nid Cha bar is shown, your don't have a "girlfriend" there do you lol. Keep up the great videos and I've sent a small donation to pay for your meal, and of course a couple of beers. Cheers mate.

  • Hi steff great vlog I know you enjoy indian food same as me, yes good price and can be quite filling with rice and nann bread or chapatti. Thanks Steff

  • I ate at the tika center. has good views online but mediocre food. the butter chicken was tika masla with a few unsalted pats of butter in it. food came out within a minute. never a good sign at an Indian resteraunt.

  • BTW with the 199 Baht, you get a bottle of water included with the meal also. The daily specials are good value for the quality of food you get, it's enough to be filling.

    The rice they use is basmati and not jamsine, much more expensive in Thailand, also the prep of the rice isn't standard, yeah for Thailand the rice is expensive but it is flavourful and a change from the standard Jasmine or fried rice Thai style.

    Told you that Evererst is pretty good, we used to go for lunch every two weeks or so.

    The venue doesn't look that attractive but the food is good.

    Next time try the lamb samosa, it's awesome at Everest.

    Great vlog, keep up the good work.

  • Watching all your video,s from pattaya makes me wish the days would go quicker until my holiday in November.Its 21 years since my last visit,well done

  • That indian food looks good,but i dont know about the spices they use,every time when i eat indian food my stomach hurts like hell 😂😂
    African food is very yummy,i did grow up eating african food 😂😂 my favorite african dish is moambe with chicken and saka..My wife is Thai but she did learn to cook that african dish,because i can not miss that food 😂😂
    Anyway,another great video,always 👍🏻 up
    Thx for sharing

  • that Indian food looks nice and cheap, for that price you can't eat it in Europe. i like chicken madras or chicken masala…haha the man on the ladder has no fear of heights, but in belgium i have seen that to yes, every bar plays its own tune, that gives you a headache..yes when you hear the thai speak there, they think that every farang is rich. I often eat African food, moambe chicken with saka saka and podoe with rice. was a good video again, so as always👍up from me

  • Good food review Steff…great value at 199/-, and loved the background music piece at 6.16min into the vlog… anybody know the source ?

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