Will Directv Upgrade My Receiver for Free?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 24, 2022

Yes, replacement is free. You have old receivers that can no longer receive programs unless you get a replacement. Just make sure you get the free replacement as there is a possibility of an upgrade that would come with a service obligation.

How much does it cost to upgrade DIRECTV receiver?

What are the charges for My DIRECTV devices? New DIRECTV devices and packages come with a free standard professional installation and require a one-time activation fee of $19.95. Additional TVs and receivers are $7/month per receiver and local sports have a monthly fee of $3 to $8.49.

How do I upgrade my DIRECTV Genie for free?

Although some viewers qualify for a free DIRECTV Genie upgrade, this is rare. According to DIRECTV’s free hardware rules you must have the same number of TVs and already pay DIRECTV’s Advanced Receiver Services fee. To see if you qualify, give us a call.

How do I get a new DIRECTV receiver?

Go to Account Summary > My DIRECTV. Select Manage Package & Gear. In the My Gear section, select Order, Set Up, or Return. Select Order Receiver, choose a receiver, and Add to Cart.

How often should you upgrade your DIRECTV equipment?

Customers get a free upgrade on average every 2 years, but it’s usually for adding new TVs as DTV doesn’t have a new family of receivers to upgrade to.

Are there any deals for existing DIRECTV customers?

DIRECTV Deal #4: $10 off DIRECTV

Get $10 off DIRECTV plans for the first 12 months through July 22, 2022. Special Pricing: ENTERTAINMENT: $64.99 (old: $74.99)

Does DIRECTV offer a senior discount?

Although DIRECTV doesn’t offer a senior discount or a special plan for seniors, our preferred option would have to be DIRECTV CHOICE, which costs just a few dollars more per month than their basic DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT package.

Do old DIRECTV receivers still work?

DIRECTV DVRs cannot be used for wireless reception. They cannot be used for other services. If you don’t need to return them, you can remove the hard drives, but remember they’ve been sitting in your dusty entertainment center for years. These drives can fail at any time.

How long do DIRECTV receivers last?

Satellite systems such as those used by Dish Network and DirecTV typically have a lifespan of around 15 years and while some systems can be used beyond that, most satellite broadcasters have typically built replacements and ready to go before that deadline ends.

What is the difference between Genie and Genie 2?

A Genie 2 is a simplified system that provides DIRECTV for up to seven TV rooms. (That’s three rooms more than the HR54.) The Genie 2 offers two 4K streams, while the HR54 only allows one. It enables wireless clients without an external wireless adapter.

Can I switch DIRECTV receivers?

Yes, absolutely. Most DIRECTV installations today use the SWM system, which allows you to easily move your devices.

What is the latest DIRECTV equipment?

DIRECTV’s newest DVR, the Genie 2, is undoubtedly the best yet. Not only does it have four times the recording capacity of your older DVR, it also uses less power, requires fewer “black boxes” around it and keeps cabling simple as it can have up to 5 wireless clients.

Can I buy a DIRECTV receiver and install it myself?

You can still purchase DirecTV DVRs and receivers from authorized resellers like Solid Signal. Then you can install it yourself. ACEs are also customers, NOT employees. The answers are based on experience.

Can I buy DIRECTV receivers instead of leasing?

Yes, you can buy a new receiver and card for it (about $20). Beware of buying receivers on ebay and everywhere. Most people lease receivers and don’t have the rights to sell them. DIRECTV will not activate a card for a leased box that is not with the original customer.

What do I do with old DIRECTV equipment?

Simply bring your unpackaged equipment and 9-digit account number to a corporate FedEx Office Pack and Ship or The UPS Store. FedEx Office® Pack and Ship or The UPS Store® will ship your device back to us free of charge.

How do I upgrade my DIRECTV to 4K?

New and upgrade customers can get 4K FREE.

Just call 866.257. 7817 and ask for 4K and we’ll take care of it hence the rest.

Does DirecTV have a loyalty discount?

Now in May 2022 they are no longer giving loyalty points to DirecTV customers.

Can you negotiate with DirecTV?

Today I’m here to bring you good news – it’s very possible to reduce your monthly DirecTV costs. Many of these companies, including DirecTV, are very responsive when their customers call to negotiate their monthly costs.

How can I lower my DirecTV 2021 bill?

Does DIRECTV give AARP discount?

DIRECTV does not currently offer discounts for seniors.



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