Why Is Yuno in Love With Yuki?

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A year before the events of the series, Yuno falls obsessively in love with his classmate, Yukiteru “Yuki” Amano, due to a promise he made to her that they would look at the stars together.

Are Yuno and Yuki in love?

Yuno Gasai is the love interest of Yukiteru Amano in the manga/anime series Mirai Nikki. She is the user of the second journal.

What was Yuno’s secret?

Akise reveals that the Yuno there is a fake as the third body found at Yuno’s house is actually the real Yuno Gasai who passed through a DNA test with one at the orphanage body left behind was positively identified. Yuno was adopted by.

Who is Yuki’s love interest Future Diary?

He is the first diary keeper and possesses the “Observational/Random Diary”, also referred to as the “Accidental Diary” in the anime. He is the love interest of Yuno Gasai in the Future Diary series and Aru Akise in Future Diary: Paradox (a side story in a separate timeline).

Why does Yuno kidnap Yuki?

Yuki decides to visit his father with Yuno to get a telescope, but when Yuno decides she knows best for her future husband, she kidnaps him. Now Akise, Hinata, Mao and Kousuke must save their friend from a psychopathic stalker.

What episode does Yuki get pregnant?

Eternal Promise ~Paradox~

Is Charmy in love with Yuno?

Charmy falls in love with Yuno. After Yuno saves a falling plate of food, Charmy falls in love with him and calls him the “Prince of Meals”. Charmy adores Yuno and often tries to start conversations with him and get closer to him.

Why is Yuno crazy?

It is later revealed that her insane and psychotic self was the result of terrible and unfavorable circumstances in her life, with her absent father and angry mother being the main cause. After both perished, Yuki provided the emotional support needed. Her love for him quickly grew into madness.

Does Yuno become the Wizard King?

Yuno punches Asta and accepts defeat. Option 2: Asta becomes the Wizard King of the Kingdom of Clover while Yuno becomes the Wizard King of the Kingdom of Spade. Yuno is the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Spade. Under Yuno’s leadership, the kingdoms of Clover, Heart and Spade become allies.

What did Yuki find in Yuno’s room?

Yuki and Yuno arrive at Yuno’s house, Yuno invites Yuki inside. Yuki finds out the electricity and the only food available is an apple, which Yuno peels. The confused Yuki goes in search of the bathroom and follows the instructions in his diary.

Who does Yuki end up with?

Yuki and Machi with their son Mutsuki. In Fruits Basket Another, Yuki and Machi are married and have a son named Mutsuki Sohma.

Who is Yuno obsessed with?

Like Gasai, the live-action Yuno is one of the Future Diary Holders, and she has a one-sided, stalker-like crush on male protagonist Arata Hoshino (a character based on Yuki Amano).

Who is real Yuno?

Yuno Gasai (我妻 由乃, Gasai Yuno) is the female protagonist of the Future Diary series. She is the second in the survival game and she is the owner of the “Yukiteru Diary/ Diary of Future Love”. She is obsessed with Yukiteru Amano, the main male protagonist of the story. He is her love interest.

Did fourth betray Yuki?

The Betrayal of the Fourth. Kurusu kills Tsukishima. After the death of the Fifth, Kurusu learned that his son Yoi has an incurable heart disease and will die within three months. Disturbed by the news, Kurusu decides to use the power of God to save his son, betraying his alliances in the process.

Who is Yuki’s brother Fruits Basket?

Ayame Sohma (草摩綾女, Sōma Ayame, “Ayame Soma”) is one of the recurring characters of the Fruits Basket series as well as one of the main characters of the Fruits Basket series: The Bow of the Three Musketeers . He is Yuki Sohma’s older brother by ten years.

Is zero Yuki’s brother?

The series is set in Cross Academy, where the principal’s daughter, Yuki Cross, faces many different types of challenges: from a love triangle between a vampire student named Kaname Kuran and her adoptive childhood brother to later becomes her close friend named Zero Kiryu; too many threats in her life…

What episode does zero bite Yuki?

Episode 20: The Kiss of Thorns.

Who does Vanessa like Black Clover?


Not surprising given what we know about her backstory, Vanessa is actually in love with Yami. It’s rarely talked about, but because Yami saved her life when she was so young, she fell in love with the man.



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