Why Is My Stapler Not Stapling?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 24, 2022

If you cannot shake out the jammed staple, try stapling a single sheet of paper while the unit is jammed. This could potentially force the jam out and clear the device. If that doesn’t work, try using a larger tool or accessory nearby and try to fish out the jammed staple using the stapler’s “front teeth”.

How do you fix a staple gun that won’t staple?

Solutions to blocking

Slide out your gun’s push rod (the rod that extends along the length of your tool’s magazine). Release the bottom magazine fastener and remove it from your weapon. Look for stray staples and other obstructions. Remove the jammed staples with needle nose pliers.

How do I get my stapler to work?

Insert the strip of staples, point down, into the staple channel and close the top of the stapler. The magazine will slide back into place and you will hear a soft click. Some of our staplers, such as B. the Zero 01 or our range of high-performance staplers, are front loaders.

Why does my stapler bend the staples?

This is the “pinning” setting. The Pin setting is for temporarily attaching papers. Staples that are fed through the paper with their legs curled out, rather than curling in, are easier to remove and less likely to damage the paper when pulled out.

How do you adjust a staple gun?

How do you fix a stapler spring?

How do you fix a one touch stapler?

If a Staples one-touch stapler is stuck, it’s usually because you’ve tried to insert the staples into the telescoping metal slide instead of the stapler body. Turn the stapler upside down, tip out the staples and try again. If a staple is stuck in the stapler head, use tweezers to pull it out.

Why is my Swingline stapler not working?

A Swingline manual stapler that is consistently jamming is most likely using the wrong staples. Remove any staples jammed in the Swingline stapler by twisting while pulling with needle nose pliers.

What is the screw for on a staple gun?

The compression screw (C) can be adjusted to apply the correct amount of force to the staple or nail depending on the material being stapled. Note: The softer the material, the less force is required to drive in the staple or nail. Excessive force can damage the material to be stapled.

How do you staple flat?

Why is there a spring in a stapler?

The spring creates tension that pushes the staples toward the front of the stapler. When pressure is applied to the head of the stapler, the magazine presses down on the paper and a metal plate in the head of the stapler pushes the front staple down the magazine.

How do you clean a stapler?



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