Why Is My Bobbin Winding Unevenly?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 23, 2022

If your bobbin doesn’t wind quickly and smoothly when you press your foot pedal, your bobbin winder may not be fully engaged. This can lead to uneven winding. Make sure to push your bobbin pin all the way in or fully loosen your bobbin wheel to activate the bobbin winding mechanism.

What causes a bobbin to wind unevenly?

If the thread becomes tangled or tangled while winding, the bobbin may wind unevenly. When winding the bobbin, pass the thread through the bobbin tension discs so that the thread has the correct tension and the threads are next to each other.

How do you realign a bobbin?

How do I fix the bobbin winder on my sewing machine?

Why does my bobbin keep jumping?

If the bobbin case starts to “jump”, this is usually because the bobbin case itself and/or the hook race is damaged. This is usually caused by a nest of thread or a broken needle, for example.

How do you adjust the tension on a bobbin winder?

What causes the thread to bunch up when sewing?

It may sound banal, but you sometimes forget to lower the sewing foot, especially with thick fabrics or several layers. This means, of course, that the upper thread is free of tension. The upper thread is pulled under, resulting in thread balls.

Why is my thread looping underneath?

A: Looping on the underside or back of the fabric means that the top thread tension is too loose compared to the bobbin thread tension, causing the bobbin thread to pull too much top thread underneath. Tightening the top tension will stop the loops, but the extra tension can cause tearing, especially with delicate threads.

How do I know if my bobbin tension is correct?

Quickly pull the thread up. The thread should only unwind slightly and the bobbin case should drop an inch or two. If the thread unwinds without resistance and the sleeve slips to the bottom, your bobbin thread tension is too loose. If the bobbin case does not move, your lower thread tension is too high.

Why is my bobbin thread bunching up singer?

At the beginning of sewing, threads can become tangled if the upper and lower threads are not correctly placed under the presser foot before starting to sew. Make sure both threads are under the presser foot and lead to the back of the machine before lowering the presser foot to start sewing.

What is bobbin winder spindle?

Spool spindle holds the spool while winding. 4. Winder tension provides tension on the thread when winding the bobbin.

How do you fix the machine which rotates heavily?


REMEDY: 1) Adjust the upper thread tension with the control knob or the lower thread tension with the screw on the bobbin case so that the two threads connect in the middle of the fabric . 2) Adjust the pressure according to the fabric. If it’s too thin, apply less pressure.

Why is my bobbin not threading?

There can be several reasons that can cause the machine not to pick up the bobbin thread. The upper thread could get tangled. Completely remove the thread from the machine. Use a spool cap that is the correct size for the size of the spool.

How do you know if you need a new bobbin case?

Why does my bobbin keep tangling?

Incorrect Threading

If your sewing machine thread is not threaded correctly, the bobbin thread will not pull into the fabric as it should. Occasionally, the upper thread can catch or get stuck on a moving part, preventing the thread from flowing easily through the needle and causing a tangle.

What tension should my sewing machine be on?

The dial settings range from 0 to 9, so 4.5 is generally the ‘standard’ position for normal straight stitch sewing. This should work for most fabrics. When making a zigzag or other wide stitch, the bobbin thread may pull up.



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