Why Is Joan Cusack Uncredited in Say Anything?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 17, 2022

Finally, Joan Cusack’s performance as Lloyd’s sister (who gets disproportionate attention in the trailer) was uncredited: She had just been nominated for an Oscar for Working Girl, but took the role to please her to little brother. 4. Eric Stoltz worked as a production assistant on the film.

Is Joan Cusack in Say Anything?

Say Anything (1989) – Joan Cusack als Constance Dobler – IMDb.

Why did John Cusack hold up a boombox?

John felt that Lloyd was kowtowing too much by holding up the boombox and that it was too submissive a move,” Crowe revealed in a 2002 interview. “He wanted to be more relaxed. the back.” After debating what makes sense for the character, Cusack came to a compromise.

How old was John Cusack in Say Anything?

Cusack, who was 22 at the time, overcame his fear of falling into teen romance stereotypes even before making the film.

Why is it called Say Anything?

Say Anything is a pivotal 80’s teenage coming-of-age film. The name refers to Ione Skye’s character Diane, who is told by her father, played by John Mahoney, that she can say whatever she wants to him.

Who plays Lloyd’s sister in Say Anything?

Finally, Joan Cusack‘s performance as Lloyd’s sister (who gets disproportionate attention in the trailer) was uncredited: she had just been nominated for an Oscar for Working Girl, but took the award Part as a favor for her little brother. 4.

Who played DC in Say Anything?

Say Anything (1989) – Amy Brooks als D.C. – IMDb.

How rich is John Cusack?

Who holds the boombox outside the window?

The film features one of the most culturally iconic scenes in American film history, in which John Cusack holds a boom box above his head in front of Diane’s bedroom window to let her know he hasn’t given up on her.

Who holds the boombox over his head?

The Peter Gabriel song “In Your Eyes” will forever be associated with John Cusack. In the 1989 film Say Anything, Cusack’s Lloyd Dobler courts Diane Court by holding a boombox over his head playing this song.

Who is John Cusack’s wife?

Cusack was never married and had no children; When he was asked in an interview in 2009 why this was the case, he replied: “Society doesn’t tell me what to do.”

What is John Cusack’s most famous movie?

Are John and Joan Cusack close?

Actors John and Joan Cusack have mastered their 10 films together, not to mention a lifetime of banter at the dinner table, and have developed fast comedic timing that only a tight-knit pair of siblings can forge.

Where was the movie Say Anything filmed?

The film is considered one of the best high school movies of all time. Say Anything… was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Los Angeles, California, USA. Filming also took place in North Hollywood. Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Do Lloyd and Diane stay together?

They believe love can last in high school, and it does.” JoBlo writer James Oster also sees his approach to romance as rooted in optimism, saying, “I’m an optimist, So yes. Heck, I met my wife at the same time and we’re still happy together.”

Who is Joe in Say Anything?

Loren Dean (Joe)

Dean played Joe, Corey’s ex-boyfriend. After his role in Say Anything, Dean appeared in films such as Apollo 13, How to Make An American Quilt, The End of Violence, Gattaca, and Enemy of the State.

Who is Mimi in Say Anything?

Say Anything (1989) – Chynna Phillips als Mimi – IMDb.

What happened to the girl in Say Anything?

After starring in Say Anything, Skye has appeared in Wayne’s World and Fever Pitch. In the ’80s, Skye dated Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis. She married Beastie Boys member Adam Horovitz but they split in the late ’90s.

Who played the little kid in Say Anything?

Glen Harris is best known for playing little Jason Dobler in the 1989 romance film ‘Say Anything…’ opposite John and Joan Cusack. Guess what he looks like now!

Is Say Anything worth watching?

Creating a beautiful film full of uncertainties, Cameron Crowe paints romance as a terrifying but very worth experience. This is an iconic role for John Cusack and certainly one of the films that made him such a respectable actor today.



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