Why Does Tsuna Wear 27?

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As mentioned earlier, fandom numbers are usually created by manipulating pronunciation. For example, Tsuna’s number is 27 because in Japanese “tsu” means two and “na” means seven. So “Tsu” + “Na” = 27.

Why was Tsuna chosen?

The reason Tsuna was recruited is his father, Sawada Iemitsu, Vongola’s outside advisor. Only those with the Vongola bloodline can become a boss. The other candidates for the position of head of the Vongola family had also died.

How old is Tsuna at the end of Reborn?

Who is the father of Tsuna?

Manga debut

Iemitsu Sawada is the father of Tsunayoshi Sawada and the husband of Nana Sawada. He is the leader of CEDEF, the external advisor to the Vongola Famiglia and Basil’s master.

Is Tsuna half Italian?

Tsuna is technically part Italian as he is a descendant of Giotto. Since Tsuna is a descendant of Giotto, he and Gokudera are the only ones in the tenth generation of the Vongola family who have Italian and Japanese ancestry.

Who is Tsuna’s wife?

How old is Reborn?

Why was Hitman Reborn Cancelled?

The post-anime manga parts were rushed and then canceled due to poor reception and sales. A small spin-off series was also created.

What family is Reborn in?

The title character, Reborn, is a teenage killer who belongs to the Vongola family.

Is Irie Shoichi an enemy?

Shoichi Irie

In the alternate future arc of the story, almost ten years later, however, he is mistaken for an enemy working for the Millefiore family, but is actually a spy for the Vongola < /b>. He is the Captain of the 2nd Rose Squad of the White Spell and one of the six A-rank members of the Millefiore.

Who is the strongest vongola boss?

Giotto was a very powerful fighter and known as the strongest Vongola boss in history. He is the only known Vongola boss who has the ability to seal one’s hyperintuition.

Is Hitman Reborn anime finished?

According to the official website, the end of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime was announced on September 25th by episode 203 “Atarashii Mirai e (On the way to the new future)”. . The TV anime is animated up to Mirai-hen (Future Arc) of the original manga.

Will katekyo Hitman Reborn come back?

Katekyo Hitman Reborn could be back with a new anime soon, at least a part of the Japanese fan base believes. reborn! is the story of Tsunayoshi Sawada, known as Tsuna, a kid who is in love with the cutest girl in school, but she is considered to be completely out of his league.

What episode does Tsuna get powers?

Inheritance is the 87. Episode of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Does Tsuna get with Kyoko?

Although Kyoko considers Tsuna a good friend, it remains unknown if she harbored any romantic feelings for him. In Japanese, Kyoko’s future counterpart refers to him as “Tsu-kun”, formerly a nickname used only by his mother, although no explanation was ever given.

Who is the guardian of the Mist Reborn?

Chrome Dokuro, her original name was Nagi, is the tenth generation Mist Warden of the Vongola Famiglia. She served as Mukuro’s vessel and connection to the world outside of Vindice Prison until he was released.

Who is Tsuna love interest?

Since the beginning of the series, Tsuna has had a deep crush on Kyoko after being the only girl who ever spoke to him.

Is Fon and Hibari related?

Hibari and Fon are related, although the details of their connection are yet to be revealed, and Hibari doesn’t like it when Fon or anyone else talks about their relationship.

Who does Haru end up with in Reborn?

Tsunayoshi Sawada

After Tsuna saves Haru from drowning in Dying Will mode, she develops an admiration for him and makes it her goal sometime in the future to become his wife .

How old are the Arcobaleno?

Really 700 years old: The Arcobalenos are stated to have appeared at specific times, making their age vague as no one knows when they actually appeared.



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