Why Does Scout Think She Is Being Put Into a Pink Penitentiary?

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Combined with Aunt Alexandra’s plans to make Scout a real young woman, Scout feels like a prisoner. She uses the metaphor of a “pink cotton prison” to describe what she sees as her aunt’s imminent loss of freedom.

What does Scout mean by pink cotton penitentiary?

Scout refers to Aunt Alexandra’s desire to turn her into a lady. The “pink cotton starched walls of a prison” refers to dressing like a lady, something akin to prison for Scout (no more tomboy).

What is Scout thinking about at the end of Chapter 14?

What is Scout thinking about at the end of the chapter? What question does she ask Dill and how does he answer? She catches herself thinking about the Radley house and Boo’s imprisonment in it.

When Scout believes she has stepped on a snake Jem discovers the following under her bed?

As Scout crosses the floor in the darkened room, she feels what she thinks is a snake. Jem discovers the “snake” is Dill with a fantastical story of his runaway journey to Maycomb.

What is Scout referring to when she says that Jem rose and broke the remaining code of our childhood?

Scout reports that when Jem saw Dill under the bed, he “got up and broke the remaining code of our childhood” by telling Atticus. To Scout, this act makes Jem a “traitor”, although it is truly an act of responsibility that marks Jem’s maturation into adulthood.

What does Scout mean when she says I felt the starched walls of a pink penitentiary closing in on me and for the second time time in my life I thought of running away?

Scout refers to Aunt Alexandra’s desire to turn her into a lady. The “pink cotton starched walls of a prison” refers to dressing like a lady, something akin to prison for Scout (no more tomboy).

What does Scout say she has never heard or seen before?

What is Scout saying that she has never heard or seen before and how does it make you feel? She is never heard from or seen, her father contradicted his sister. What question does Scout Dill ask about Boo Radley?

Does Boo Radley come out?

It takes the desperate situation where Mr. Ewell attacks Jem and Scout for Boo Radley to show up. He eventually comes out, but even then Scout has trouble seeing him when he’s rescuing her and when he’s at her house while Jem is being tended.

How old was Scout during the trial?

His beliefs and ideals are severely shaken by the prejudice and hatred he witnesses during Tom Robinson’s trial. **Scout:** At the beginning of the story, Scout is nine years old and lives with her father Atticus, her brother Jem and their housekeeper Calpurnia.

What is under Scout’s bed in Chapter 14?

It turned out that Dill was hiding under her bed. He had run away from home and expected them to hide him for a while. Although Scout was ready, Jem called Atticus and told him what was going on. Dill and Scout were amazed at his betrayal.

Is Calpurnia a Mockingbird?

Who is Calpurnia in To Kill a Mockingbird? Calpurnia is the Finch family’s African-American cook, but Calpurnia also fulfills the duties of housekeeper and nanny. Nonetheless, Calpurnia plays an important role in Scout and Jem’s life and upbringing.

Why does Scout cry after returning home from the jail?

Why is Scout crying after returning home from prison? Scout was crying because the full impact of the evening’s events really hit Scout when they got home. She realizes how much danger Atticus was in when he faced the mad dog and mad mob. She realizes how bad people can be.

What does Scout think is under her bed?

What does Scout think of under her bed first? Scout first thinks there is a snake under her bed. What is Scout’s response to Aunt Alexandra when she tells Scout that she cannot visit Calpurnia? Scout says she didn’t ask Aunt Alexandra.

Why is Scout so happy about the brawl with Jem?

Why is Scout so happy about the fight with Jem? Because she believed they were still the same. Explain how Jem “cracked the remaining code of our childhood.” He told Atticus that Dill was there, which was very ripe for him, and Scout didn’t like that since she’s only nine years old.

What does Jem tell Scout he is scared of?

What does Jem say to Scout that he’s afraid of? Someone will hurt Atticus. After Atticus leaves the house late at night, where do the kids find him and what does he do? Sitting and reading in front of the county jail.

What does Scout say to Mr Cunningham at the jail?

Scout: I said: Hey, Mr. Cunningham. How’s your engagement going? Scout: Don’t you remember me, Lord

Why is Atticus sitting in the jailhouse?

Answers 1. Atticus is outside the prison to protect Tom Robinson from the lynch mob. Jem and Scout follow him, but they stay far enough away that he can’t see them.

What story does Dill tell about where he has been do you find his story believable?

What story does Dill tell about where he’s been? Do you find his story believable? explain your answer Dill says he was locked in the basement, his father doesn’t like him.

What do Jem and Scout fight about?

Because Scout says how Jem is changing, she doesn’t like that he thinks he’s grown up. Jem gets angry and starts the fight, proving he’s just a kid. Why do Jem and Scout get into a fistfight?

How does Atticus make Scout cry?

What makes Scout cry while Atticus talks to her and Jem? Atticus addresses her sharply and she gets emotional. She is upset because Atticus isn’t acting like himself and telling them things he doesn’t believe: “That wasn’t my father.”



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