Why Do Pregnant Ladies Wear Bangles?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 10, 2022

CHENNAI: Baby showers are growing in popularity around the world, but doctors say there’s a scientific reason for the tradition of gifting bangles to pregnant women during baby showers in India: The fetus craves auditory stimuli .

Is it good to wear bangles during pregnancy?

Some doctors insist that wearing bracelets can also serve as an early warning system for pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH). PIH can cause early detachment of the placenta, seizures in the mother (even resulting in death) and affect the growth/life of the fetus.

What is the scientific reason for wearing bangles?

The bracelets and the wrists are in constant friction with each other, which leads to an increase in blood circulation. Bangles also help maintain and recharge our energy levels. The current that goes through the skin is fed back into our own body through the ring-shaped bracelets.

How many bangles should you wear for Seemantham?

The woman and man come back and sit down on the chairs. The woman’s mother applies kumkum, gandham and offers paspu for mangalyam. Then she places two green glass bracelets on each hand.

What are the benefits of bangles?

When you wear bangles on your wrist, it causes friction, which leads to increased blood flow. This also helps reduce the chances of an increase in blood pressure. Wearing bangles is also recommended for pregnant women, especially after the 7th month.

What is Pola bangle?

Hindu-Bengali women wear certain symbols of marriage, such as shakha, pola, loha, sindoor and aalta. Shakha are white bracelets made from seashells and pola are red bracelets made from red coral. Shakha and Pola are carried in both hands.

How many bangles should you wear?

That said, a good average number of bangles to wear with your salwar or other long traditional garment is around 8-10 bangles, or 6-8 if you have shorter hands or are going for Bengali or Punjabi style outfits. The number of bangles you wear also depends on the particular culture you are dressing for.

Can unmarried girl wear green bangles?


The women of Maharashtra and parts of Karnataka wear green bracelets on their wrists. Green bracelets are a symbol of luck and fertility – and therefore only married women wear them.

Can 2 pregnant ladies meet?

Yes. It is perfectly safe for two pregnant women to stay together.

Why is baby shower done in 7th month?

In some families, the ceremony takes place when the mother-to-be completes her seventh month of pregnancy. Baby and mother are believed to be in a safe phase after the seventh month. In some families it is celebrated at the end of the eighth month.

Which color saree is good for Seemantham?

I suppose although the seemantham is an auspicious ceremony signaling the arrival of a baby, the color black is significant for its association with the concept of drishti (warding off the evil eye).< /p>

What is the meaning of black bangles?

Black indicates power. Silver bracelets signify strength; and. Gold bracelets are the ultimate symbol of luck and prosperity.

In which hand we should wear silver bangle?

It is said that by wearing a sterling silver bracelet on your left hand you can absorb positive energy from the environment.



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