Who Put the Blanket on Scout How Do We Know?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 3, 2022

Who put the blanket on Scout How do you know?

In the confusion, someone places a blanket over Scout. When Atticus later asks her about it, she has no idea who put it on her. Jem realizes that Boo Radley set it on her, and he tells Atticus the full story of the knothole, the presents, and the patched pants.

How do we know that Boo Radley put the blanket on Scout?

The ceiling, however, appears during the house fire and is not noticed until later, when Scout says, “Thanks who…” followed by Jem’s statement, “Boo Radley. You were so busy looking at the fire that you didn’t notice when he wrapped the blanket around you.” (Lie.

Who put the blanket over Scout’s shoulders?

Who covers Scout with a package deal? In Chapter 8, while Miss Maudie’s house is on fire, Boo Radley puts a blanket over Scout’s shoulders because it’s so cold outside. Scout was so mesmerized by the fire that she didn’t even realize it was him. Atticus tells her, “Boo Radley.

Who put a blanket on Jem and Scout?

Jem realizes that Boo – now Arthur for us because he’s human – Scout put the covers on. Fire at Miss Maudies – she kept fires running in the kitchen to keep the house warm during the rare snowstorm.

Who wrapped the blanket around Scout?

They realize that Boo Radley must have pulled the blanket over Scout while she and Jem were engrossed in the fire. Mr. Radley, his brother, was busy helping everyone else in Miss Maudie’s house, so Boo is the only person who could have given Scout the blanket.

Who puts a blanket around Scout’s shoulders B How does this make her feel?

Boo left all those presents for the kids in the tree branch hole; he mended Jem’s torn pants; He wrapped the blanket around Scout’s shoulders. Evidence suggests he is a kind, caring (lonely) man.

Who put the blanket around scouts shoulders and how does Atticus reach this conclusion?

Who put the blanket around Scout’s shoulders and how did Atticus come to this conclusion? Boo Radley put the blanket on Scout. How does Scout react when she hears the information? Atticus comes to this conclusion because no one else in the Radley house could have done it.

Why does Atticus decide to keep the blanket incident a secret?

Why did Atticus decide to keep the ceiling incident a secret? He’s keeping it a secret, because if Nathan finds out that Boo helped Scout, he could be in more trouble.

Why do you think Boo Radley covered Scout as she watched the fire?

This shows that Boo Radley was a friendly person and not a monster. It was very cold outside while the city watched the fire. Boo Radley probably covered for Scout out of concern for her safety and welfare. Atticus probably didn’t return the blanket because he didn’t want the kids bothering Boo Radley.

When Atticus asks Scout about the blanket around her shoulder What does Jem realize?

3.) When Atticus Scout asks about the blanket around her shoulders, what does Jem see? -Jem realizes that Boo appeared while the kids were watching the fire and Scout wrapped the blanket around them to keep them warm.

What chapter did Boo Radley save Jem and Scout?

Kill a mockingbird, Chapter 30. Atticus thanks Boo Radley for saving Scout and Jem from an attack by Bob Ewell. Boo is kind to the children, although little kindness has been shown to him throughout his life. “Will you take me home?”

What did Scout do to Walter Cunningham?

Scout catches Walter in the playground and starts beating him in retaliation for her embarrassment, but Jem stops her and then further surprises her by inviting Walter to have lunch with them meal. Scout is then punished by Calpurnia for criticizing Walter’s table manners.

Who was Cousin Ike Finch?

Cousin Ike Finch was the only surviving Confederate veteran from Maycomb County. He wore a General Hood beard, which he was overly vain about. Atticus, Jem and I visited him at least once a year and I had to kiss him. It was terrible.



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