Who Is the Strongest Gundam Pilot?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 10, 2022

Who is considered the best Gundam pilot?

Is mikazuki Augus the best pilot?

9 Mikazuki Augus Understands the Importance of Morale

Mikazuki Augus appreciates the importance of the collective, and his easy-going attitude is often essential when his team feels broken and lost. He’s not the best pilot or strongest character, but he’s still a valuable hero.

Who is the pilot of Gundam?

Amuro Ray is the Gundam pilot that started it all in the original Mobile Suit Gundam, first developed in Japan in 1979. Amuro can quickly adapt to his surroundings and his piloting skills are almost unmatched at any combat distance.

Who is the strongest in Gundam?

Is Shin better than Kira?

In terms of military record, Shinn had the win. In terms of skills, Kira turns out to be even better.

Is Kira the best Gundam pilot?


No, he’s not a fan favorite by any means, and it will pain almost any Gundam fan to hear that, but yes, Kira from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny is one of the best mobile suit pilots ever. He needs to make 10th place just because his skills make him an imposter in the Gundam universe.

Can a GM beat Barbatos?

GM can snatch Barbatos : r/Gundam.

Why is mikazuki so strong?

As such, Mikazuki has high compatibility with the Barbatos. In the battle against Graze Ein, Mikazuki appealed to the suit to gain more power via the Alaya Vijnana system and managed to gain greater reaction speed and learn how to properly use a sword.

Who is the best Gundam protagonist?

What is the best Gundam?

Who was the first Newtype?

The prime example of this is D.O.M.E. (original name unknown), one of the first Newtypes to eventually be broken down into its component parts to understand its nature, which became its consciousness then into the D.O.M.E. implanted.

How strong is Els QANT?

Which Gundam is the biggest?

Devil Gundam became the greatest Gundam of all time in the series. Originally called Devil Gundam Ultimate Gundam, it had the ability of a nanomachine to evolve, self-recover, and self-replicate. His main task is to save the damaged earth with his sophisticated nanomachine technology.

How strong is God Gundam?

Even under normal conditions, the God Gundam is as powerful as the Shining Gundam’s supermode, but it can also switch to a high-power mode powered by the emotional energy of its pilot, Domon Kasshu. while in a calm state of mind.

Is Wing Zero the most powerful Gundam?

Whenever a discussion about the most powerful Gundams arises, Wing Zero Gundam usually comes up. Many fans mentioned how the Mecha’s twin Buster cannons devastated an entire colony in a single blast.

Why is Kira the ultimate coordinator?

Kira is the Ultimate Coordinator; His fetus was artificially developed outside the womb and his genetic enhancements should be superior to any other coordinator. Kira was the only fetus to survive the process.

Who does Kira Yamato end up with?

After the battle, Kira was reunited with Cagalli Yula Athha, the girl he helped escape from Heliopolis.

How did Kira survive against Shinn?

Kira survives because the Freedom’s cockpit is intact and is rescued by Cagalli. Despite his victory, Shinn is berated by Athrun, who defends that Kira doesn’t deserve to be killed and that the archangel and freedom are not enemies, leading the two ZAFT pilots into a heated argument.

Who is Gundam 00 villain?

Ribbons Almark is the leader of the Innovators and the main antagonist of the Mobile Suit Gundam 00.



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