Who Is the Real Author of Panchatantra?

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Vishnu Sharma
Kashmir born
Profession scholar, author
Notable works Panchatantra

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Who wrote Panchtantra and why?

Vishnu Sharma was the author of this anthropomorphic political treatise called Panchatantra. He lived in the 3rd century BC. in Varanasi. He was a Sanskrit scholar and the official guru of the then Prince of Kashi. He wrote Panchatantra to teach political science to his royal students.

Who wrote Panchatantra and Svapnavasavadatta?

Svapnavasavadattam (Sanskrit: Swapnavasavadattam, Svapnavāsavadattam) (English: The Dream of Vasavadatta) is a Sanskrit play in six acts written by ancient Indian poet Bhāsa.

Why is Panchtantra called Panchtantra?

The word “panchatantra” is a combination of the words pancha – meaning five in Sanskrit, and tantra – meaning tissue. Literally translated, it means weaving five strands of traditions and teachings into one text. The original text consists of an introduction followed by five parts or essays.

What is Panchatantra in Sanskrit?

Panchatantra, (Sanskrit: “Five Treatises” or “Five Chapters”) is also written Pancatantra, a collection of Indian animal fables that has found wide distribution both in its country of origin and throughout India world.

Where was Panchtantra written?

Vishnu Sharma is the author of Panchtantra. Panchtantra is an ancient collection of animal fables. The original collection is believed to date from around 200 BC. in Kashmir.

When was Panchtantra written?

The Panchatantra approached its present literary form in the 4th to 6th centuries AD, although it was originally written around 200 BC. No Sanskrit texts before 1000 AD survive.



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