Who Is the Best Choice for Sheriff in Primm?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 29, 2022

Who should be sheriff Primm?

(Optional) Reprogram Primm Slim to become Sheriff of Primm. Meyers, a former NCCRF sheriff, is poised to become Sheriff of Primm if NCR pardons him. Hayes and the NCR will protect Primm if they get additional military personnel.

What happens if Primm slim as sheriff?

When Primm Slim becomes sheriff, hear him on Radio New Vegas. He doesn’t seem to know the name of the city where he’s the sheriff due to a missing data token.

Is Meyers a good sheriff?

When Meyers is Primm’s sheriff in most of the endings, the final cutscene says that he’s a good sheriff who treats most people fairly, although sometimes people turn up dead for them without concrete evidence .

How do I get a free deputy beagle?

You must speak to him and agree to free him. You can use a language test to get him to fight by your side. Otherwise he just runs in front of the hotel. Originally posted by Zeno: You must talk to him and agree to free him.

Should I help the NCR or Powder Gangers?

If you want to help the Powder Gangers, or sit back and let the NCR and Gangers fight (without betraying them), it is recommended that you visit the Cell Blocks and Visitor Center so that more Gangers will become familiar with it Join fight. This results in a slightly more even fight.

How do you get Cass as a companion?

companion. To recruit Cassidy, the player must make a Speech or Trade test of 50. Alternatively, Cass’ Whiskey Challenge can be completed with 75 trades by collecting 12 bottles of whiskey, 3 of which are consumed.

How do you repair the robot in Primm?

When ED-E is first found in the Nash residence in Primm, it is broken and lying on a counter. It can be repaired by having one of the following traits: A 65 Repair Skill. A 55 Science Skill, followed by a 35 Repair Skill..

Who voiced Primm Slim?

Dante Reid is an actor who provided the voice of the robots Fisto, Primm Slim and Vendortron in Fallout: New Vegas.

What happened to Victor Fallout New Vegas?

House, Victor is going away. His permanently deactivated shell will be in front of his cabin in Goodsprings. If the Courier sides with Mr. House, Victor continues in his role in the elevator at Lucky 38.

Where did Meyers go?

Transferred to the NCCRF under a time off program, Meyers considers this a fair trade. He’s not sorry for what he did, but justice is justice. As Samuel Cooke began prison break, Meyers kept a low profile and avoided interfering. He doesn’t think much of the Powder Gangers, but remains in prison anyway.

Are the Powder Gangers part of the NCR?

The Powder Gangers were prisoners brought to Nevada by the NCR to help rebuild the railroads. Housed in the NCR Correctional Facility, the prisoners were subjected to extremely harsh discipline, prompting some to plan a revolt.

Where can I buy a sensor module in Primm?

The REPCONN Proving Grounds west of Novac contain a large number of sensor modules. Also occasionally available from Johnson Nash in Primm. Can sometimes be found in a toolbox at the Sheriff’s House in Primm.

Should you save Deputy Beagle?

If you helped him alive, he will share the information with you. But if you let him kill you can still loot his body to get the information. If he’s alive, he can open a side quest to help you find a new mayor for the city and get advice on the person he has in mind.

Is deputy Beagle a companion?

This character is a temporary companion.

Where does Deputy Beagle go?

Appearance. Deputy Beagle’s residence is a building in the city of Primm in the year 2281.

Are Powder Gangers evil?

Although almost all Powder Walkers have evil karma, the larger faction of Powder Walkers are not marked as evil. This means that stealing items belonging to the Powder Gangers faction will cause negative karma.

Should I wipe out Powder Gangers?

It’s also the only way to “wipe out” the Powder Gangers for the ending. If you never do the quest but still wipe out their HQ, the game still treats them as a constant worry.

What do you get for helping Powder Gangers?

Before getting supplies you can kill Joe and fail the quest, but Chet and Doc Mitchell will still be stuck in the “Help the Powder Gangers” dialog option and you can infinitely gain experience, leather armor around 50 % Health, 30 9mm shells and Pulverganger Glory.

Who is the best Fallout New Vegas companion?

Raul Tejada is without a doubt the best companion in Fallout New Vegas. Its perk, Old Vaquero, improves the rate of fire of revolvers and lever-action firearms by 33%. His other perk, Full Maintenance, is a boosted version of the regular maintenance perk.



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