Who Is the Actress in the Garnier Commercial?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 27, 2022

Garnier has recruited actress Many Moore as its newest brand ambassador and #GarnierGirl. Moore will share her story about her hair color transformation in the new Nutrisse ad campaign beginning September 15, 2017.

Who is the actress in the new Garnier commercial?

Drew Barrymore adds another role as Garnier’s newest face to her resume. Last summer, the talk show host, 46, shared her love for the brand’s Whole Blends Legendary Olive shampoo and conditioner on her Instagram after purchasing it at a King Kullen grocery store.

Who is the model in the Garnier?

JOHANNESBURG, February 13, 2020 – Gorgeous South African actress Natasha Thahane will soon lend her stunning smile to Garnier’s campaigns after it was announced today that the vivacious young star has become the fresh new face of Garnier Even & Matt.

Who is the brunette in the Garnier commercial?

As Garnier’s newest brand ambassador, Mandy Moore will be the face of the brand in hair colour, hair care, hair styling and skin care.

Is Mandy Moore in a Garnier commercial?

Garnier Nutrisse Ad Feat. Mandy Moore – Billboard.

What shampoo does Drew Barrymore advertise?

Drew Barrymore, 46, has shared her favorite shampoo in a new Instagram video. The Drew Barrymore Show host said she loves to pack Garnier’s Whole Blends Ginger Recovery Strengthening Shampoo Bar when she travels. Barrymore also screamed out her love for Garnier’s Honey Treasures repairing mask.

What color Garnier Nutrisse does Mandy Moore use?

To keep her color looking fresh, Moore Garnier uses Nutrisse Color Reviver Cool Blonde ($12.39 at Amazon), which promises to lighten in just five minutes.

How can I become a Garnier ambassador?

How would you like to be an ambassador for this? If you own, love, live in SA and are over 18 (open to both genders!) the Pure Active products, all you have to do is comment your email address and I’ll send you a small form to fill out< /b> and you could be one of Garnier’s newest ambassadors.



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