Who Is Stronger Than Laxus?

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Natsu learned new magic faster than Laxus, and he has the advantage of being the only E.N.D. (Ethereal Natsu Dragneel). Natsu once ate the lightning bolt from Laxus and now uses a lightning/fire combo with devastating effect.

Who is more powerful jellal or Laxus?

Jellal is actually far superior to Laxus.

Is Ezra stronger than Laxus?

8 STRONGER THAN ERZA: Laxus Dreyar is barely stronger

Laxus can also move like lightning, making him faster than Erza, and his durability is slightly greater than Erza heard. They once fought seriously in the 100 Years Quest sequel manga, and in the end, Erza fell just short of Laxus.

Who is stronger Laxus or orga?

Result: Laxus Dreyar is victorious.

Is Laxus stronger than gray?

Gray can’t deal with Laxus’ sheer strength or endurance up close, and even if Laxus should somehow fail, he has Fairy Law as a fallback option, while Gray doesn’t. p>

Does Natsu surpass Laxus?

6 Stronger Than Him: Natsu Dragneel

At the start of the series, Laxus was certainly more powerful than Natsu, but that slowly changed over time. Natsu learned new magic faster than Laxus and he has the advantage of being the only E.N.D. (Ethereal Natsu Dragneel).

Who is the strongest Fairy Tail member?

The strongest of them all, known as the “Dragon King”, Acnologia easily grabs the top spot as the strongest character in Fairy Tail. Aside from his various abilities, his magic overwhelms everyone because he can use dragon slayer magic of an unknown element.

Who is the strongest Dragon Slayer in Fairy Tail?

Who is the strongest guild master in Fairy Tail?

Who is stronger Natsu or Zeref?

Result: Natsu Dragneel is victorious. Natsu Dragneel is seriously injured. Zeref Dragneel is seriously injured.

Who defeated dimaria Yesta?

Ultimately, Dimaria is defeated by Sherria’s Empowered Celestial Cloud Collection. After her defeat, she is locked in a basement and unable to use magic.

Who would win Laxus or Gildarts?

Both easily stomped Natsu, but neither ever had a reason to compete. While Gildarts’ crush magic can split Laxus into tiny versions of himself, Laxus would likely take advantage of this to hit Gildarts with multiple lightning attacks at once.

Can Natsu beat mirajane?

Mirajane would win easily. Natsu has no chance. END is an Etherious and Mira knows how to absorb her even without touching her. She learned how to do it after fighting Seilah and then absorbing all demon souls tied to the place of her death.

Who is the strongest Fairy Tail wizard?

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