Who Is Responsible for the Deck Log?

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The deck journal may, at the master’s or owner’s discretion, be kept together with the ship’s official log-book so that the official log-book spaces are duly filled in each case. For this reason, a ship’s logbook should be filled out properly and without errors. Arrival and departure time and ETA.

What is the main responsibility of deck department?

The deck department is responsible for the safe reception, offloading and care of cargo during a voyage. The ship’s boatswain, a day laborer (AB) and a watchman (AB) are seen here working atop a US freighter to maintain the cargo rig.

What is deck logbook?

Deck logs are documents of paramount importance as they form records of the progress of a voyage, the details of loading and unloading of cargo and the narration of all events affecting the management and operation of the ship.


Who is responsible for filling out the engine room log book?

A Ship’s Engineer Watch Keeper in Charge is required to complete the log book for his/her own watch time, along with the signature of all watch keepers for their affected watch times.

What is the purpose of the deck log?

Naval ship deck logs were prepared to provide a chronological account of notable events that occurred in and around a ship, to remind deck officers of their duties, and to review officers’ activities< /b>.

Who is in charge for the deck maintenance?

The second mate also takes care of the quarterdeck when mooring. He stands the 12 to 4 watch. The first or first mate is responsible for the maintenance of the ship and the proper stowage of cargo.

Which officer is typically in charge of deck operations?

The Chief Officer is traditionally responsible for day-to-day deck operations, organizing maintenance and managing crew time and resources.

How do you maintain logbook?

Date each page and note the time of day for important time-sensitive entries, e.g. B. “Turn on diffusion pump”. Always write directly in your log; NEVER work on loose scraps of paper and then copy things into the book. Even “mistakes” often turn out to be important! For the same reason, don’t use a pencil.

What is the importance of logbook?

Purpose and importance of using the logbook

The logbook ensures that all necessary information is recorded in a logical manner. The logbook keeps the information in one place, including supporting documents. The logbook is a way of monitoring children’s needs and determining how best to take care of them.

What is one of the most important information must be written in a new logbook?

Any important event in the engine room should be noted in the logbook. Unusual changes in the behavior of certain machines, sudden increases or decreases in parameters, accidents, near misses or equipment failures should be noted and highlighted in the logbook.

Who picks up the pilot who is on his way to the ship?

Every ship entering and leaving a port must have a port pilot on board. As soon as the ship reaches open water, a small boat picks up the harbor pilot and takes him back to the harbor. The captain then takes full control of the ship again.

What does a log book contain?

It contains all the essential information about your car, such as name and address of the registered owner, date of first registration, number of previous owners, make and model of the car, color and engine.


Which engineering staff is in charge of engine room maintenance?

The 1. Engineer is responsible for the daily maintenance and operation of the engineering and technical aspects of the ship as directed by the Chief Engineer and the Staff Engineer. The chief engineer is directly responsible for all work in the engine room and…

What officer is responsible for training lookouts?

Guards are trained in their duties by the CIC Officer.

What individual is the principal assistant to the officer of the deck?

The Junior Officer of the Deck (JOOD) is the chief assistant to the OOD. Anyone who makes routine reports to the OOD usually makes them through the JOOD or the JOOW. The Junior Officer of the Watch (JOOW), if assigned, is in training to qualify as an OOD.

What are the entries needed in the deck logbook?

  • Entries in the deck log are:
  • Trim, stability and tension must be monitored and recorded in every watch.

Who is the head of the deck department on a merchant vessel and responsible for the vessel cargo operation?

The first mate is the chief of the deck department on a merchant ship, second in command to the ship’s captain. The Chief Mate’s primary responsibilities are the ship’s cargo operations, its stability and overseeing the deck crew.

What is the chief officer responsible for?

Broadly speaking, a chief executive officer’s primary responsibilities include making key business decisions, managing all of a company’s operations and resources, and serving as the primary point of communication between the board and business operations.

What are the duties and responsibilities of 2nd officer?

Today the role of second mate on board ship is that of navigating officer; he is responsible for navigation, navigation equipment and navigation publications. He reports to the captain of the ship. A second mate is not expected to pay a deckhands fee, but may do so.



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