Who Is Martha Borg Husband?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 21, 2022

How many children do David and Martha Borg have?

Your Children

Martha Borg is a Christian singer and the wife of FWC Associate Pastor David Borg. They often perform together at special church events and programs. The couple have three children together and have not revealed the exact details of their relationship to the media.

Who is Sissy Borg?

She is the daughter of FWC Associate Pastor David Borg & FWC singer Martha Borg. She started working for SBN about a year ago, doing makeup, running the camera for live programs, doing graphics for Living Waters and writing synopses for all archived services and programs.

Who is Grace Larson Brumley married?

Who is Jimmy Swaggart’s drummer?

Jimmy Swaggart Ministries’ longtime drummer Jason Mark is leaving the company. He and his wife are moving to Canada.



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