Who Is Grim Toy Show?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 10, 2022

David Hitchens, better known by his ring name Grim, is an American professional wrestler, comedian, promoter, video gamer, and vlogger who wrestles and owns his silly Superpop channel for GTS Wrestling.< /p>

Is grim and Duhop brothers?

Duhop is Grim’s closest friend in kayfabe and his real brother.

Where is GTS wrestling located?

The show will be held in New Egypt, NJ, no arena/venue is announced as we know it is in New Egypt, New Jersey, the advertised ticket was mailed Grim and other BYW companies. Advertised wrestlers for the show are.

What is grim experience real name?

Dave Hitchens (born: September 13, 1978 (09/13/1978) [age 43]), better known by his stage name Grim and better known online as SillySUPERPOP, is a wrestling YouTuber who created his Content primarily focused on wrestling e.g. B. wrestling action figures and wrestling collects.

How old is Jay Evans?

Who is the current GTS champion?

The current champion is Grim, in his fifth reign as a champion.



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