Which of the Following Describes a Way to Disable Ieee Standard Autonegotiation on a 10 100 Port on a Cisco Switch?

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What subcommand enables port security on the interface?

Enable port security with the switchport port-security interface.


What command on a switch verifies port security configuration of a port?

Do you know the commands to check port security. To check port security, use the show port-security , show port-security interface interface , and show running-config.


Which port security violation mode is the default?

Shutdown – In this (default) violation mode, a port security violation causes the interface to be immediately error-disabled and the port LED to turn off.

Which of the following comparisons does a switch make when deciding whether a new MAC address should be added to its MAC address table?

Which of the following comparisons does a switch make when deciding whether to add a new MAC address to its MAC address table? It compares the unicast source address to the bridging or MAC address table.

How do I enable port security on a Cisco switch?

How do I disable unused ports on a Cisco switch?

Disable unused ports

Browse to each unused port and enter the Cisco IOS shutdown command. If a port later needs to be re-enabled, it can be enabled with the no shutdown command. The figure shows a partial output for this configuration. It’s easy to make configuration changes to multiple ports on a switch.

How do I disable port security on my HP switch?

(config)# port-security (Port-List) Learn-mode konfiguriert address-limit (No of Address bind to the port-list) Mac-address(MAC Address) Action send-disable.

Which command enables a port on a switch quizlet?

You first navigate to the port you want to enable, and then you can use the no shutdown command to enable a port.

What is switch port security?

Overview. The switch port security feature (port security) is an important piece of the network switch security puzzle; it provides the ability to restrict which addresses are allowed to send traffic to individual switch ports within the switched network.

Which command used in violation shutdown in Switchport security on switch?

Shutdown – This mode is the default violation mode; In this mode, the switch automatically forces the switch port into an error-disabled state (err-disable) when a violation occurs. In this state, the switch port does not forward any traffic.

Which port security violation mode is the default quizlet?

What is the default violation mode? Shut down.

What is Switchport Nonegotiate command?

switchport nonegotiate: Prevents the interface from generating DTP frames. You can use this command only when the interface switchport mode is access or trunk. You must manually configure the neighboring interface as a trunk interface to establish a trunk connection.

Which of the following statements describes part of the process of how a LAN switch decides to forward a frame?

Which of the following statements describes part of the process by which a LAN switch decides to forward a frame destined for a broadcast MAC? It forwards the frame to all interfaces on the same VLAN except the incoming interface.

Which forwarding action does a switch take when the destination MAC address of an Ethernet frame is an unknown unicast?

Explanation. When a switch receives a frame from an unknown destination, it inserts the source MAC address into its CAM table (a table that maps MAC addresses to ports) and forwards the frame to all ports . Sending a unicast frame is known as an unknown unicast.

Which of the following ARP packets is used to request the MAC address corresponding to an IP address?

The ARP request packet contains the source MAC address and the source IP address and the destination IP address. Every host on the local network receives this packet.

How do I enable port security on a Cisco 2960 switch?

What is Switchport mode access used for?

The switchport mode command allows us to configure the trunking mode of operation on a Layer 2 interface on a Cisco IOS device. By entering the switchport mode access command, we configure the interface to work in access mode. This ensures that the interface only forwards traffic for a single VLAN.

Why would you enable port security on a switch?

The main reason port security is used in a switch is to stop or prevent unauthorized users from accessing the LAN.

How do I disable switch ports?



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