Which Is Harder Limestone or Marble?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 17, 2022

Since marble can be slightly less porous and harder than limestone, marble is generally considered to be slightly more durable than limestone. They are both composed of calcite, but marble is metamorphic while limestone is sedimentary, giving marble a slight advantage in hardness.

Is limestone softer than marble?

There is a slight difference in that limestone is a softer rock than marble. However, this should not suggest that it is easily damaged. If you vacuum up spills carefully and avoid acidic cleaners, your marble or limestone countertops will last a long time.

What rock is harder than limestone?

Diamond is the hardest and is rated at 10, while Granite is the hardest natural stone at 6. Limestone comes in at 3, as does its metamorphic counterpart, Marble.

Why is marble used instead of limestone?

Limestone is more porous than marble because there are small openings between the fossil fragments. Marble is usually light-colored and is made up of calcite crystals fitted together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

What is harder than marble?

Quartzite consists of quartz, which is known to be the hardest material on earth. Due to the calcite composition of marble, it is inherently relatively porous.

How hard is limestone?

Although relatively soft, with a Mohs hardness of 2 to 4, dense limestone can have a breaking strength of up to 180 MPa. For comparison: concrete typically has a compressive strength of around 40 MPa.

Which is harder limestone or granite?

Granite is also harder than limestone and will last for generations. While limestone does not need to be replaced during its lifetime, it is more prone to wear and chipping. Limestone is also susceptible to acid rain.

Is limestone easily breakable?

This rock already has a brittle structure that leads to fractures and dissolution. Inherent weaknesses of the stone itself or the gradual degradation of the binder used in construction and external factors are the main reasons that affect the durability and strength of the limestone, eventually leading to crumbling.

Is limestone hard or brittle?

Limestone is usually gray but can also be white, yellow, or brown. It’s a soft stone and scratches easily. It readily fizzes in any common acid.

How strong is marble?

Hardness Scale and Durability: Rated 3 on the Mohs hardness scale, marble is considered a ‘soft’ stone – hence its common use in sculpture. It’s also a porous stone, so it’s more susceptible to staining and damage from harsh detergents.

Is marble denser than limestone?

Density and Durability: Limestone vs. Marble

This is due to the extra heat and pressure marble is subjected to, making it slightly denser than limestone.

Is limestone more expensive than marble?

Limestone is undoubtedly the more affordable of the two. Marble happens to be one of the most expensive decorative and expensive stones on the market. The price difference isn’t huge, but it’s definitely there. Also, limestone is much easier to find than marble.

Is marble rock Hard or soft?

Marble is another hard stone. It has an attractive texture and color and can be cut and polished. Because of this, it is used to make floor tiles and wall tiles. Some statues are also made of marble.

What is the strongest natural stone?

The hardest mineral on the Mohs scale is diamond, which ranks at 10. The softest, on the other hand, is talc, which ranks at 1. It is just behind diamonds on the Mohs scale are corundum (9), titanium (9) and topaz (8).

What is the toughest stone?

Diamonds are the hardest stones, while talc (for example) is a very soft mineral. The scale used to measure the hardness of minerals is the Mohs Hardness Scale, which compares a mineral’s scratch resistance to ten standard reference minerals of varying hardness.

Can marble break easily?

In general, it is best to keep your daily cleaning products away from your marble countertops. They can damage the porous nature of marble. Marble is softer than granite and much more delicate. It also is easily damaged by acid and you will find that most of your cleaning products have an acidic base.

Is limestone strong rock?

It is strong and very durable in any environment. Check out the Pyramids of Egypt, they are still standing due to the strength of their limestone blocks. It is this resilience and durability that makes limestone so attractive in today’s construction and home building market.

Does limestone harden over time?

Limestone is one of the densest and hardest rocks that people use in construction. However, water tends to dissolve limestone’s carbonates and soften them when it rains or is exposed to water for a long time. The good news is that limestone is resilient and can harden once it is completely dry.

What is limestone good for?

Limestone is commonly used in road and building construction and is a material found in aggregate, cement, building stone, chalk and crushed stone.

Is limestone durable for countertops?

Also, limestone is a very durable stone for your countertops, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Limestone’s white or sandy color also makes it very popular with professional chefs, who find it a good complement to the stainless steel fittings of professional kitchenware.



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