Where Is the Rebreather in Fallout New Vegas?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 3, 2022

The Rebreather is found in the Pip-Boy’s clothing department and cannot be worn in conjunction with any type of goggles, but it can be worn with most headgear such as the space suit helmet or the combat helmet.

Where is rebreather the forest?

The Rebreather can currently only be found in Cave 5 – Submerged Cave, near the south entrance. It’s right in front of a water hole in the cave. It is on the left as you approach the waterhole. It is attached to a skeleton and surrounded by air canisters.

Where is the overseers key in Vault 34?

To access the armory, two passwords must be found from two ghoul engineers who are in underwater areas. Then one terminal must be used to pump water out of a flooded area, and a second terminal is used to unlock the warden’s door.

Where is a pressure cooker in Fallout New Vegas?

In Goodsprings, in the home of Doc Mitchell, a settler’s home, and for sale at the general store. On a shelf in the kitchen of the Lucky 38 Presidential Suite.

Is a rebreather real?

Rebreathers are considered advanced diving equipment originally developed and typically used by the military, particularly the U.S. Navy SEALs. Advanced and commercial divers can use rebreathers, although intensive training is highly recommended. Also, the devices are expensive, costing up to $15,000.

How do you get a Rebreather?

How do you spawn a Rebreather?

Should Veronica stay with the brotherhood?

Veronica will leave the player character’s party if her reputation with the Brotherhood drops to Slandered at any point. She will however remain on board as low as Merciful Thug, but will warn that this is the player character’s last chance. She will leave if reputation continues to fall.

Should I save the people in Vault 34?

If you rescue the Vault 34 residents, the sharecroppers will move back to California. If you save the sharecroppers, the Vault 34 dwellers will die. So save the residents of Vault 34. They’ll also give you items from time to time.

Where is the pulse gun?

The Pulse Cannon is available in the Vault 34 Armory. It’s locked in a chest. You can unlock it by getting Col. Blackwell’s Key at Nellis Air Force Base in Pearls Barracks or by having a 100 Lockpick skill.

What are fission batteries used for in Fallout New Vegas?

A fission battery is used along with two scrap pieces to craft Sierra Madre Chips (listed in-game as “Sierra Madre Snails”) with the “Coin Operator” perk in the first add – on for Fallout: New Vegas, Dead Money.

Where is loyals detonator?

Variants. Mine detonator used to collapse the cave in River Monsters in the Honest Hearts add-on. A broken detonator can be found in the Little Yangtze River Watchtower and is considered a miscellaneous item.

Where are conductors in Fallout New Vegas?

Fallout: New Vegas

You can find many Conductors in the basement of the REPCONN Proving Ground. Conductors can also be found in many toolboxes. Many can be found in Vault 11. Two are in Bruce Isaac’s room in Novac.

Can you buy rebreathers?

There are many places where you can buy a certified pre-owned rebreather from a manufacturer. Some private sales offer reassurance that a rebreather has been recently serviced. If you’re buying used, make sure you’re not buying obsolete.

Are rebreathers worth it?

Beyond this near-silent bliss, rebreathers offer other benefits, including longer bottom time, fewer decompression obligations, and fewer physical discomforts like dry mouth, lower core temperature, and fatigue.

How long can rebreathers last?

A single charge of a small gas cylinder or cylinders and a CO2 scrubber can last for one to six hours depending on the rebreather. Unlike open circuit diving, with a rebreather your gas duration is almost independent of depth, so you could theoretically be on the bottom all the time.



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