Where Is the Paladin Trainer in Stormwind?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 31, 2022

Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker is a level 60 paladin trainer who resides in the Cathedral of Light in Cathedral Square in the human city of Stormwind. He is currently the Commanding Officer of the Paladins in Stormwind.

Where is the paladin class trainer?

Where are the stormwind trainers?

Priest Trainers

The priests are located in the main sanctuary of Stormwind Cathedral.

Is there a paladin trainer in Theramore?

There is no Paladin trainer in Darnassus. Kalimdor does have a trainer in Theramore, however, in Dustwallow Marsh. Adventurers can access this trainer fairly easily from North Kalimdor by taking the boat from Auberdine, Darkshore to Menethil, Wetlands, and then from Menethil to Theramore.

Is there a paladin trainer in Goldshire?

Brother William is a human paladin trainer located in Goldshire in Elwynn Forest. It is located behind the forge building.

Is there a paladin trainer in Outlands?

Is there a paladin trainer in Shatt?


This NPC can be found in Shattrath City (3).

Where can I learn professions in Stormwind?

In Elwynn Forest you will also find the Alchemist and Herbalist Trainers, east of the entrance to Stormwind.

Where can I train flying in Stormwind?

Where do you buy mounts in Stormwind?

Katie Stokx is a human horse seller located just outside of Old Town next to SI:7 in Stormwind City.

Where is Paladin trainer silvermoon?

Champion Bachi is a blood elf paladin trainer in the Hall of Blood in Silvermoon City. He also directs blood elf paladins to Master Pyreanor for quests.

How do you unlock paladin in redemption?

Once you have the Defias Script, go back to Ironforge Cathedral and talk to the Tome of Divinity. He will give you the last part of the Tome of Divinity and instruct you to speak to Tiza Battleforge again. Completing this quest will reward you with Redemption.

How do I learn paladin TBC redemption?

How do I start paladin Mount quest TBC?

To begin this quest line you must return to Duthorian Rall in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind and begin the quest Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker. To complete this quest, simply speak to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker, who should be near Duthorian Rall.

Does orgrimmar have a paladin trainer?

Master Pyreanor is a blood elf paladin trainer at Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar.

Is there a paladin trainer in Thunderbluff TBC?

Aponi Brightmane

This NPC can be found in Thunder Bluff .

Is there class trainers in Shattrath?

There are new trainers in Exodar, Silvermoon City and new starting areas. In addition, Alliance Shaman and Horde Paladins have new trainers in several capital cities. Note: These guides do not include trainers in Shattrath City as the NPCs were added during Cataclysm.

Where Can I respec in TBC?

You can talk to a town guard and they will mark on your map where you need to go. And for Alliance shamans returning to the Exodar or visiting the new trainers in Stormwind and Ironforge will allow you to retrain talents.



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