Where Is the Lighthouse in Dead Island?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 13, 2022

The lighthouse is located on top of a large hill. The beach is within walking distance, while a winding road allows vehicle access. The survivors have started putting up a big HELP sign to attract any planes flying overhead. There is an old Japanese bunker near the lighthouse, but the door is sealed.

How do I get into the lighthouse warehouse in Dead Island?

Now to get to the lighthouse storeroom, you must complete A Glimmer of Hope. This relieves Darvin of guard duty and gives you access to the storage room for a workbench. Inside you’ll find the signal booster on the shelf behind the workbench.

Where do I find Maggie in Dead Island?

Maggie Spacy is a survivor from Dead Island. She is in the lighthouse with a group of survivors led by James Stein. She is the focus of the side quest The Lost, in which the hero must locate her and report her whereabouts to her friend Steven.

How do you get into the bunker 3 on Dead Island?

Access to the bunker roof is via ladders that allow movement up to the tower roof, although there is nothing up here. There are several boxes on the roof of the bunker, which also has some railings.

Where is Stanley Dead Island?

Stanley Garrison is a survivor from Dead Island. He is first found hiding in one of the poolside bar shacks in the hotel’s main pool area, apparently where he was being hunted by zombies.

When you reach the jungle find the location of the aircraft?

The plane is in the jungle, accessible only in Act III. Pursuing the quest takes the player west of the jungle’s main fishing village. Do not confuse the jungle area around the lab with the jungle area near the fishing village where the crashed plane is located.

Does Dead Island have a level cap?

What is the level cap in Dead Island? Currently without released DLCs (downloadable content) there are 50. If you do the math, you have access to 49 skill points (since you start at level 1).

Where is Kelly’s husband Dead Island?

The hero must find Kelly’s husband William, who is staying at the Diamond Bungalows.

Where can I get champagne for Svetlana?

Difficulty: Medium | Reward: 100 XP, Diamonds | Quest giver: Svetlana. This is a valuable continuous quest that allows you to collect diamonds for crafting purposes. You can find Brand Champagne in the refrigerators of the Banoi Hotel’s kitchen, in the supermarket and in some lockers and safes in the jungle and laboratory.

Can you go back to the resort Dead Island?

Answer: Yes. You have to complete the game and when you’re done you can start the game over with your level, weapons and perks. Even items remain in Jin’s camp (although it’s not accessible until it gets into the storyline).

Where is bunker 6 Dead Island?

The bunker is located at the southernmost eastern edge of the map on the coast. It’s easy to find by going south along the coast from the shack by the sea, where in the first mission players had to save Sinamoi from zombies outside.

How do I get into the bunker 2 in Dead Island?



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