Where Is the Last 5 Cents in Riddle 3 2?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 7, 2022

How do you get the nickel in Riddle School 3?

Free Richy

Go into the hallway and look at the lockers on the back wall. Click on the left of the three yellow lockers to open it. There is some change on the shelf below the books and above the traffic cone that you should click. Now you have 48 cents.

How do you get the secret ending in Riddle School 3?

How do you get the dime on top of the shelf in Riddle School 3?

Click on the down arrow on the right to enter the pantry. Drag your long ruler to the ten on the top shelf.

How do you beat Riddle School 2 step by step?

What is the locker code in Riddle School 3?

After speaking to her in the Teacher’s Lounge, Phil retrieves the note, which oddly reads “BLOBBLES”. However, if you turn it upside down, you will see the password “53788078”. Phil enters the code and unlocks the locker, and Richy thanks him by giving him a quarter.

How do you escape Riddle School?

What happens when you beat Riddle school 3 2?


This happens when you win the game twice. In a rather spooky and dark tone, words will say that you became obsessed with the monkey puppet. The monkey puppet’s eyes will turn red.

Is there a riddle transfer 3?

Riddle Transfer 3,4 and 5

The first two games were finished but the remaining three were canceled for various reasons. In addition to the reasons for the cancellation of the series, JonBro also says “No one has permission to continue the series”, meaning the series is best left as is.

How many Riddle schools are there?

How do you get a dollar in Riddle school?

5. Head east and enter the janitor’s closet. 6. Give him the duster and he’ll give you a dollar bill.

How do you beat Riddle School 5 steps?

How do you get past Chubb in Riddle School 2?

At puzzle school, Chubb blocks Munch’s way to the staff room. The only way to get him to get out of the way is to give him a dollar so he can buy a cookie from the cafeteria’s (unknowingly broken) machine.

How do you get the toilet paper in Riddle School 2?

Exit, turn right and then click on the first locker on the right. You get a dime. Go right again. Click on the “slide” to reveal a toilet paper roll in the vent.

Who is JonBro?

Jonochrome (Aka: JonBro).) is the creator of Riddle School and One Night at Flumpty’s. Since then, now 27, he has made several animations and games.

Is there a riddle school 4?

Music. Riddle School 4 is a 2010 game developed by JonBro (Jonochrome) and is the 4th installment in the Riddle School series.

How do you beat a riddle transfer?

Is School a riddle mobile?

Riddle School was created using HTML5 technology and is available on PC and mobile web. You can play the game online for free on your computer, Android device and also on your iPhone and iPad.

Is Riddle School Newgrounds?

Riddle School is a point and click adventure game created by JonBro. It pays homage to the Newgrounds classic Pico’s School.

How do you activate the portal in Riddle Transfer 2?

Enter the code 4003. On pLatitude, click “++” 4 times and “+” 3 times. Click on pLongitude to “- -” 2 times and “-” 13 times. Then click Activate.



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