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Where Is the Ghost Girl in Skyrim Hiding?

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Noun. helgi f (genitive singular helgi or helgar, nominative plural helgar) two or more holy days in succession, in connection with a Sunday or a major Christian holiday; usually refers to the weekend, i. H. the combination of Saturday and Sunday and all adjacent public or private holidays.
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the Dragonborn finds Laelette, the missing wife of Thonnir, and discovers that she is a vampire. She appears on Helgi’s exhumed coffin, over a rocky hill west of the house.

Where does the ghost girl hide Skyrim?

Where can I find the ghost girl?

Where can I find the ghost in Skyrim?

  • Ghosts, known as Subjugated Ghosts, can be found in Rannveig’s Fast.
  • Ghosts of Dark Brotherhood members can be found in the Dawnstar Sanctuary during The Cure for Madness quest.< /li >
  • Fellow Spirits, found in Ysgramor’s Tomb during the Glory of the Dead quest.

Where is the girl from laid to rest?

If Alva’s house is entered prior to the attack on Movarth’s hideout and during the day, she could be in her coffin in the basement. If the Dragonborn’s Sneak skill is high enough, she can be killed in her coffin before she attacks.

What is the most secret place in Skyrim?

  • 1 Frozen Mammoth.
  • 2 Chicken Reviver.
  • 3 Giant Mudcrab Shell.
  • 4 Giant Nirnroot Island.
  • < li >5 Talos Shrine Massacre.

  • 6 Hunter’s Jacuzzi.
  • 7 Unhappy Couple.
  • 8 Pinewatch Caverns.

How do I activate the child’s coffin in Skyrim?

Find Helgi after dark

Finding a child’s coffin behind and to the right of the burned-out house, the Dragonborn is attacked by Laelette. After killing Laelette, the Dragonborn discovers that she was a vampire. At this point, the child’s coffin can be activated and the Dragonborn can speak to Helgi’s spirit again.

Where is the girl on Mount Gordo?

You can find it in the northeast part of the map on Mount Gordo. If you travel to this location during the day, you will find no clues leading to her murder or accidental death. If you wait until nightfall – 11pm to be precise – a ghostly image of a woman will appear on one of the rocks.

Is Alva’s house always locked?

Go to Alva’s house. It has a nifty lock, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to pick the lock. Or use the key if you previously stole it from either Hroggar or Alva. If you entered during the day, Alva is sleeping in the coffin below.

How do you investigate Alva’s house?

Alva’s house

Depending on when Alva will be in the basement in her coffin or not. If she kills you and then steals her journal, if not just steal the journal. Return to Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone and she will gather a mob for you outside of Highmoon Hall. Lead them to the marker on your map, Movarth’s Hideout.

Who is the ghost rider in Skyrim?

The Headless Horseman is the headless specter of a warrior who rides his ghostly steed through Skyrim at night or dwells in Hamvir’s resting place overlooking the graveyard by day. He wields an iron or steel battle-axe and wears steel plate armor.

Where is Heidi in Skyrim?

She appears by Helgi’s exhumed coffin, over a rocky hill west of the house.

What happens if you see the Headless Horseman?

The Headless Horseman is a headless ghost who rides a spooky horse that roams Skyrim at night. If you follow it, it will lead you to Hamvir’s Rest, making various stops along the way. He is easily tracked on horseback and will sometimes interact with you and his surroundings.

Can you save Alva Skyrim?

During the Laid to Rest quest, she will usually be killed by you if she is in the house when you invade to get her journal. If she is not in the house, it is not necessary to kill her to complete the quest. If not killed, she will later be found in Movarth’s lair.

Can you save Laelette Skyrim?

PC If Laelette is revived under console commands during the quest and turned into a friendly one, she will return to where she spawned and her inventory cannot be stolen. PC When spawned via console commands, Laelette remains hostile as always, regardless of actor stat and faction.

Can you save Hroggar?

Hroggar is under Alva’s spell. If you want to kill him, go ahead, you won’t get in trouble. But if you plan to become the Thane of Morthal, you’ll need him for a later quest. To bypass Hroggar without killing him, you must go to Alva’s house during the day when Hroggar is working at the mill.

What is the rarest weapon in Skyrim?

Is there anything hidden underwater in Skyrim?

Chests underwater

Pilgrim’s Trench – A row of multiple wrecks, the middle one contains chests. Sunken Treasures – Near the wreck of the Brinehammer. Sunken Tumulus – Near the north shore of Lake Ilinalta. The Silvermoon – A shipwreck in Lake Ilinalta, south of the Lady Stone.

Where is the best loot in Skyrim?

How do you cure Sanguinare Vampiris?


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