Where Is the Boat in Exodar?

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The boat on Azuremyst Isle is at Valnaar’s Docks, just south of the Exodar at /way 20.4 54.2.

How do you get to Azuremyst Isle from Exodar?

Take the boat to Teldrassil. Walk across the dock to the other boat in Azurmyst. Another option is to fly to Teldrassil, and there is now a portal to Azuremyst at the dock. The boat now goes to a broken shore, but there is a portal, but of course no tree or Ruthveran village.

How do you get to Exodar port?

After all, the only way to reach the Exodar itself is to take a boat from Auberdine, a small night elf village on the Darkshore coast. Auberdine can be reached by other boats from Darnassus via the village of Rut’theran or the port of Menethil in Dustwallow Marsh.

Is the Exodar a ship?

The Exodar (pronounced EX-o-dar) is the enchanted draenei capital of Azuremyst Isle. It is a dimensional ship satellite structure of the dimensional fortress called Tempest Keep that crashed on Azeroth.

How do you get from Stormwind to Exodar?

If you cannot get a friendly mage to port you for free, you must take the boat to Darkshore. Change to the boat that goes to Menethil. b> WALK CAREFULLY to IF and take the Thelsamar trajectory on the way. Take the IF trajectory, then take the tram to SW.

Where is the boat on Azuremyst Isle?

The boat on Azuremyst Isle is at Valnaar’s Berth, just south of the Exodar at /way 20.4 54.2. Ships spend 1 minute at the dock between arrival and departure. From there it sails to the middle (east) dock at Auberdine, Darkshore, /way 30.8 41.0.

How do you get to Azuremyst island?

Getting to Azuremyst Isle is extremely easy if you are an Alliance player, as this is your starting zone when playing as a draenei. Once you embark on your greater adventure, you can take a portal back from Stormwind.

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How do you get to Exodar in Shadowlands?

To get to the Exodar as a member of the Horde, players must take the boat from Teldrassil. To do this, you must fly to Ru’heran Village from the mainland. Players will fly over waters of fatigue for a while, but not long enough to be sent back to the mainland. Once in Teldrassil, just take the boat across.

Where is the riding trainer in Exodar?

Aalun is a draenei Elekk riding instructor and resides in the stables north of the entrance to the Exodar on Azuremyst Isle.

How do I get to Exodar from Westfall?

Where do the boats in Auberdine go?

Since patch 3.0. 2, the boat departing from the South Pier in Auberdine goes to Stormwind City, not Menethil Harbor.

When did the draenei arrive on Azeroth?

Unfortunately, the only mention of Draenei in the official timeline is the date of The Burning Crusade, which took place in year 26. This is the year the Exodar crash landed on Azeroth, stranding the draenei race who promptly joined the Alliance.

How old is Teldrassil?

Many roleplayers were disappointed when they saw night elves from player characters who were 21 years old, who were born in Darnassus or Teldrassil, or whose mother or father is human – which would be the case after all almost impossible in the game’s actual lore.

How do you get draenei from Stormwind?

Just checked, there is actually a small port southwest of the Exodar that takes you to Stormwind City by boat. Just follow the road south of Exodar West and you will eventually reach it. You may have to wait a minute or so if you just missed the boat.

What boat takes you to Exodar?

The first way to reach the Exodar in World of Warcraft Classic is to simply take a boat from Auberdine. This small night elf village is located on the shores of Darkshore and players can access it on foot or by boat from Darnassus or the Port of Menethil in the Wetlands.

How do you get from Azuremyst Isle to Kalimdor?

How to get there

Before the Catastrophe, the only way to reach mainland Kalimdor from the islands was by boat, making Azuremyst a rarely-visited area. The boat from the dock near the Exodar sails to the village of Rut’theran in Teldrassil.

How do I get from Azuremyst to Teldrassil?

Posted by Adamsm. Just one dock in Azuremyst to get to Auberdine Darkshore, then take the boat from there to Teldrassil.

How do I get from Azuremyst to Bloodmyst Isle?

Alliance: Bloodmyst Isle is only accessible from Azuremyst Isle, which can only be reached by boat from Rut’theran Village in Teldrassil. Since Cataclysm there has also been a flight route connecting the village to Azure Watch on Azuremist Island, which in turn is connected to Blood Watch.



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