Where Is Route 18 Pokemon Black?

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Route 18 is a large island in southeastern Unova. It can only be reached via Route 17 and connects the northern and southern halves of Route 17.

How do I get to Route 18?

To get to Routes 17 and 18, use Fly to go to your hometown of Nuvema Town and go north to Route 1. Use Surf on the west side of Route 1 and follow the water to one Shore to the west.< /p>

How do you get to Unova Route 18?

Route 18 is located southeast of Unova and is only accessible by surfing the rapids of Route 17. A hilly island in the west occupies the main part of the route. Some researchers believe it once bordered the Desert Resort. There is a house in the middle of the island where your Pokémon can be healed if needed.

Where is sage on Route 18 in Pokemon Black?

Sage 1: Rood

He is at the end of Route 18. To reach him, surf Route 17 from the start of Route 1, then follow Route 18 to the western point to find the sage sadly staring out to sea.

Where is Route 17 in Pokemon Black?

Where is the Route 18 zone?

Route 18 is one of the shortest routes in the game, joining the end of Route 17 and heading east towards Fuchsia City. It contains a handful of trainers, items, and wild Pokemon, but other than that, once you’re done with that, it’s time to move on!

Where is Route 18 in Pokemon brick bronze?

Route 18 is a swamp area on Crescent Island located between Crescent Town and Aborille Outpost. It is only accessible after infiltrating the Eclipse base.

Is Larvesta good in Pokemon Black?

It has excellent attack stat, a powerful STAB move in Flare Blitz, and access to Wild Charge for good cover. These attributes make Larvesta seem like an amazing offensive sweeper; However, the Torch Pokémon works much better than Tank.

How do you get Larvesta in Pokemon Black?

How do I get to the P2 laboratory in Pokemon Black?

P2 Laboratory (or P2 Lab) is a small island with a laboratory on it. It is located in the southeast of Unova. It can only be reached by driving West on the southern half of Route 17, North on Route 18, and East on the northern half of Route 17.

Where is Ghetsis hiding in Pokémon Black?

Where to find Ghetsis in Pokemon Black and White? N’s Castle. Once you’ve completed the game, go to Driftviel City and ask Clay if you can help him with mine. You can find N’s lock in one of his tunnels.

What happens when you find all 7 sages?

In the games

After defeating Ghetsis, the player must help Looker locate the remaining six sages throughout Unova. Once found, each will give the player a TM.

Where are the 7 sages located?

Later, in Black and White Version 2, the player can fight three of the Seven Sages: Ghetsis, found in Giant Chasm; Rood, found in Driftveil City, who leads old Team Plasma, which still follows N; and Zinzolin, who commands the new Team Plasma alongside Colress and Ghetsis in several locations.

Where is Route 17 white2?

What Pokemon is in the egg Pokemon Black?

Finally, the rare Pokémon Happiny.

hatches from the egg

What do I do with the dubious disc in Pokemon Black?

The Dubious Disc (Japanese: あやしいパッチ Dubious Patch) is a type of worn item introduced in Generation IV. It allows Porygon2 to evolve into Porygon-Z.



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