Where Is Newton Oberly?

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Newton Oberly works in the facilities department at the institute. He is responsible for accommodation and food.

What happens if you frame Justin Ayo?

He will ask you not to report him and instead frame Justin Ayo. If you choose to report Liam, return and speak to Justin Ayo and you will be rewarded with 1000 caps. Alternatively, if you choose to trick Justin Ayo, make sure you select the “Ask for a reward” option first, otherwise you won’t get a quest reward.

Why did Virgil leave the Institute?

Virgil took control of the program after his predecessor, Dr. Syverson, had passed away. Overwhelmed with guilt over the pain and suffering he had caused so many innocent people, he decided to leave the institute.

How do you become enemy of the Institute?

This is an attempt to become an enemy of the Institute. If you have chosen not to kill Father during the Institute quest Institutionalized, you must kill Father or any Institute member during Synth Conservation or any other Institute quest, this will start the quest. You must then flee the institute.

How do I get the political leanings quest?

Quick Start Guide

Talk to Justin Ayo at the Institute’s Synth Retention Bureau. Travel to Diamond City and head to Mayor McDonough’s office. Get the report. Take the report to Ayo.

How do you get X6 88 as a companion?

X6-88 is the racer sent to help with this task. Completing the later quest Mankind – Redefined makes him available as a companion for the Sole Survivor. It can be found at the Synth Retention Bureau. When he’s not there, he can be found north-northeast of the Nordhagen Strand settlement near a stranded fishing boat.

How do I get Liam’s glasses in Fallout 4?

Do the Minutemen destroy the brotherhood?

Variations. Minutemen Destroy the Brotherhood of Steel – Should the player character become hostile to the Brotherhood of Steel, either before or after the end of the main quest, they can destroy the Prydwen with artillery and then fight back Retribution Force.

Can the Institute and Minutemen work together?

Can you join Minutemen and Institute? You can join them all at the same time dude. Only at the end of the game do you have to choose a side. Minutemen are fairly neutral and you can pretty much stick with them no matter what other group you’re on.

Who is the current leader of the Institute?

Headed by Justin Ayo, the SRB was designed to do one thing: track down renegade synths and bring them back to the Institute.

How do I get banished from the Institute without killing anyone?

If it’s just taking too long to dispatch the synth guardians, the institute will be put on alert and you’ll be banished. Bring some Stealth Boys to get out without killing anyone important.

Is Fallout 4 going to end?

Fallout 4 does not end after the main quest. Here’s a bunch of things you can do when you’re done. Whenever people complete the main story of a video game, there’s a huge sense of accomplishment, but also a sense of “Now what?”

Can the Minutemen and brotherhood work together?

It is possible to complete the game with the Railroad, Brotherhood of Steel, and Minutemen all in league.

How do I get the mayor McDonough quest?

Go to Mayor McDonough’s office. Press the button under Geneva’s desk. Talk to Mayor McDonough. Convince McDonough, Geneva to free .

What is moderate politically?

Moderate is an ideological category denoting a rejection of radical or extreme views, particularly related to politics and religion. A moderate is someone who takes a mainstream position and avoids extreme views.

What are the political parties in UK?

The British political system is a two-party system. Since the 1920s, the two dominant parties have been the Conservative Party and the Labor Party. Before the Labor Party rose to prominence in British politics, the Liberal Party was the other major political party alongside the Conservatives.

Can you keep X6-88 if you destroy the institute?

Keep both Danse and X6-88? You cannot complete the story without losing at least one of them. Any ending that isn’t Institute destroys the Institute, losing X-6 in the process. The End of the Railroad loses both by destroying their factions.

Can you keep Danse If you side with the railroad?

Dance will only leave you if you get far enough in the Brotherhood questline, you can work for both the Brotherhood and the Railroad, but you’ll have to sign up for one or the other later decide unless you side with the other two factions.

Can Curie go to institute?

Yep, if you have the “lover’s hug” mod and she is your “wife” and companion. Just go to sleep in your own room and you’ll have Curie at the Institute.

Where can I find combat armor Fallout 4?

A full set of unmodified armor, sans helmet, can be found on a dead Sal on Jamaica Plain in City Hall on the second floor where the World Series 2076 baseball bat lies in the basement. A varying number of pieces of combat armor can be worn by higher tier gunners (often private or higher).



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