Where Is Artix in Aqw?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 2, 2022

Locations: Artix can be found in the Swordhaven Inn with Robina the Hood. In the prologue of the story he can be found at the end of Newbie.

How do I contact Artix?

(You can always contact us at and we will restore your character for you if you want it back!

Is AQW going to shut down?

Hello folks, AQWorlds has no plans to shut down. I will never ask you for your password. Beware of scammers and impersonators. Someone actually said that AQW will be closed?

How do I link my artix to aq3d?

What is artix point?

Artix Points are the universal currency for your 7 favorite Artix Entertainment games. You can use these points to get memberships, upgrades, and elite in-game currency: AdventureCoins in AdventureQuest Worlds, Varium in EpicDuel, SmashCoins in HeroSmash, and Soul Gems in OverSoul!

Why use Artix Linux?

Artix Linux is a fast and easy to use distribution based on Arch Linux. It started around 2017 as a version of Arch Linux without SystemD. Since then, it has evolved into a distro that aims to create an Arch Linux environment that promotes package simplicity and security.

How do you report bugs in Aqw?

Please report all bugs for AQWorlds via the Artix Entertainment Bug Hunter System! We have a team of BugHunters looking for bugs, glitches, typos, etc. and squash them! There is also a link to report a bug just below the login screen.

Is AQ3D Worth Playing 2021?

Can you play Aqw on mobile?

We currently only support playing AQWorlds in your computer’s browser. We do not officially support handheld or gaming console computing devices such as smartphones, tablets, XBOX, Wii, PlayStation, etc.

Is AdventureQuest 3D free?

AdventureQuest 3D is a free, ever-expanding, cross-platform MMORPG. Over 350,000 players have pre-registered at and we would like to invite everyone to join us. We’ll keep building the world beneath your feet as you play.

Can I still play AdventureQuest?

But don’t worry! We developed the Artix Games Launcher so you can keep playing AdventureQuest Worlds and your other favorite Artix Entertainment games. Download the Artix Games Launcher at and you can continue playing all your favorite Artix games right from your computer.

How can I get free artix points?

If you have never signed up for Netflix, you can sign up now and get 4250 Artix Points. You must be at least 18 years old to sign up for Netflix.

How do you use Artix points on AQ3D?

How much is the 2000 artix points?



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