Where Does No Dip Sherlock Come From?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 29, 2022

It doesn’t come from Sherlock Holmes, it just refers to him. That said, it means you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to have given this answer. It’s from Sherlock Homes (TV Show). A said “No dip, Sherlock” because B was very obvious/unspecific.

Why do they say no dip Sherlock?

Etymology. An expression of astonishment, followed by a comparison of the interlocutor with the detective Sherlock Holmes, as if they had just reached a grand conclusion. However, this expression is used sarcastically to indicate that the interlocutor was merely stating the obvious.

Where is no shot Sherlock from?

Its origin lies in such efforts made on boats and ships, which are typically sail-powered at first. After a dismasting, a replacement mast and, if necessary, a yard would be made and maintained to allow a craft to make way again. There’s an expression, “no shit, Sherlock”.

What does it mean if someone calls me Sherlock?

a genius, usually used sarcastically to refer to someone with an annoying grasp of the obvious.

What does it mean to say Sherlock?

/ ˈʃɜrlɒk / PHONETIC RESPELLING. 💼 Post college level. noun informal. a private investigator. a person remarkably adept at solving mysteries, particularly through insight and logical deduction: Who is the Sherlock that can tell me where my pen is?

Where is Sherlock Holmes shot?

While much of the critically acclaimed show was filmed in Cardiff, many of the more notable scenes were filmed in London. Holmes and Watson give their address as 221b Baker Street, but location shots were actually filmed half a mile northeast on North Gower Street where filming conditions are calmer.

Where is BBC Sherlock filmed?

The series was filmed primarily in Cardiff, Wales using North Gower Street in London for exterior shots of Holmes and Watson’s home at 221B Baker Street. Sherlock was commended for the quality of the screenplay, acting and direction.

Where was the abominable bride filmed?

Shooting took place at Tyntesfield House, a National Trust property in Wraxall, near Bristol. Scenes were also filmed in the cellars of Colston Hall and Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol, among other locations in Bath, Somerset. Tyntesfield was used primarily as Sir Eustace’s house, but also as the London home of the Watsons.

Where was the Reichenbach Fall filmed?



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