Where Do You Take the Tornado Statue in Goat Simulator?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 28, 2022

The Wind Statue is an item in Goat Simulator. It’s on top of the middle wind turbine. Taking it to the Wind Altar will unlock the Tornado Goat

Where is the tornado altar in goat simulator?

The Wind Altar is a location in Goat City Bay. A stone slab sits between two stone pillars accompanied by a tornado goat. Bringing the Wind Statue transforms you into a Tornado Goat.

What does the tornado goat do in goat simulator?

The Tornado Goat is a mutator that gives the goat a deer skull as a mask.

How do you unlock the tornado goat in goat simulator?

You can read a guide on how to get the Tornado Goat below:

After finding the wind turbine, you will see a staircase behind it. Climb up on top of it. You’ll find the wind statue on top. Lick it to attach it.

Where is the wind relic in goat simulator?

What does the robot do in goat simulator?

According to the wiki, the Robot Goat is a mutator that turns a normal goat into the Robot Goat-2. When you tower with this goat, it can roll around like a ball. It also flies less from normal Goat’s explosions. It’s easy to unlock once you know all the locations for parts.

How do I get evil goat?

Where is the Alien Resurrection device in goat simulator?

Location. It’s in Uncle Fred’s workshop.

How do you unlock the Mutators in goat simulator?

Go up the stairs and enter the goat door at the top to enter the goat’s throne room inside. Next, follow the red carpet and sacrifice yourself in the fire of the Infernal Throne Goat Sacrifice to unlock the Queen Goat Mutator.

Where is the robot goat in goat simulator?

G-2 can be found in the Crane shipping container in GoatVille and is one of the items sacrificed at the Pentagram to unlock Robot Goat.

Where are the Minecraft blocks in goat simulator?

Find all three Minecraft blocks – Earth (under a tree, near the slide in Cabrito Park), wood (on the grass, near the longboard halfpipe), and stone (in the graveyard) .

What is the blue crystal in goat simulator?

The Uncle Goat is a mutator that gives the goat glowing blue symbols on its body and a glowing blue tongue and eyes. It is obtained by licking the glowing blue crystal in Uncle Fred’s workshop.



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