Where Do You Kill David in Fallout 76?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 14, 2022

Where is the Raider cache?

Go to the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort, the leafy building directly east of the Top of the World and head down to the basement. This is the raider faction’s secret treasury room. It’s locked, but look under the doormat for the key. You can now claim your loot, including some nice Raider power armor.

How do I get the key to the past quest in Fallout 76?

The key is found on Walter Griswold’s body in the middle of town. Unfortunately, the city is overrun by super mutants, so you’ll have to deal with them before you get your prize. Once you have killed all the super mutants and sacked the town for your amusement, take the Trapper’s Key Fragment from Walter’s body.

Where is Rosalynn’s master key Holotape?

Rosalynn’s body is in the courthouse jail and can be located using the jail terminal to find a deer, J. The holotape on the table explains that Rosalynn was captured by the Responders, to use as bait to lure David out of hiding and capture him.

Where are the notes at Bolton Greens?

Location. The note can be found at Bolton Greens, on the hearth of a fireplace.

Where is Rosalynn buried fallout 76?

Slightly south of the West Tek Research Center, Rosalynn Jeffries’ memorial shrine sits on the edge of a cliff overlooking the east end of the Savage Divide and into the Cranberry Bog / Mire regions. A deathclaw will reliably spawn next to the shrine.

How do I get to the gourmands key fragment?

Head to Bolton Greens, west of the Monongah Power Plant. Go to the top floor and find “Gourmand’s Note”. The note leads back to Savage Divide to find the “Gourmand Key Fragment” in the “Wendigo Cave”.

Where is the free states bunker fallout 76?

The Fallout 76 Free States Bunker is located in the far north of The Mire region of Appalachia (this is the dark gray region in the far east of the map). You can see it on the map above, north of the Thunder Mountain Nuclear Power Plant and another Free States bunker, the Ella Ames Bunker.

How do you complete the officer on the deck in Fallout 76?

Quick Guide

Speak to MODUS in the Military Wing of the Whitespring Bunker. Register at the military system terminal. Earn ten Commendations in any combination: Battle Commendation: Defeat a Legendary Star Enemy.

How do I claim a ticket in Fallout 76?

Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets appear in Fallout 76 as a random loot item, often dropped by ghouls. If you find one, take it to the bellboy Protectron at the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort. Upon redemption, you will receive random loot in the form of a common or rare ticket item.

Where is the Wendigo in Wendigo cave?

Southeast of the main cave junction with the large rock pillar, in a pile of bloody human bones.

How do you complete the missing link in Fallout 76?

The bunker is located far northeast of the ATLAS observatory and just north of the rift dam. Once you get to the bunker (actually Abbie’s Bunker), use the entry terminal to unlock the front door and go inside. Once inside, a recording will begin speaking to you, and the quest is complete .

How do you complete strange bedfellows?



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