Where Do You Get Dig in Pokemon Glazed?

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All TMs can be reused just like Gen V.
TM/HM Glazed Spot Blazed Glazed Spot
TM25 – Thunder Seaspray department store
TM26 – Earthquake Serenity Gym Victory Road (Tunod)
TM27 – Return of Chocco Town’s Seaspray Department Store
TM28 – Dig Route 44 (east of Mahogany) Serenity Gym
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How do you get groudon in Pokemon glazed?

After completing the Lance side quest (See Heatran), travel from Goldenrod Station back to Mt. Silver. Defeat Red and if you defeat him you will get a ruby. Take this to the chamber on the first floor of the Embedded Tower to fight Groudon.

What do you do in Geminite village in Pokemon glazed?

Geminite Village is a small town known for its crystal and fossil collections. Here the player can also explore Mount Stratus or go south towards Stormy City. You can get Lava Cookie that heals all status effects for $200 here in Pokemart.

How do I get to Darkwood town in Pokemon glazed?

Darkwood Town is accessed initially by diving (similar to Sootopolis City in Hoenn) and contains the final Gym in Tunod: Tyson, the fierce Gym Leader. This is also where the Darkwood Apothecary is located, which sells herbal medicine, lava cookies, and Moomoo milk. To the west is the long journey to the Tunod League.

Where is Geminite village in Pokemon glazed?

So we head to Geminite Village, which is south of the dam.

How do you get Kyogre in Pokemon glazed?

Where do you find Lugia in Pokemon glazed?

How do you mega evolve in Pokemon glazed?

How good is Pokemon glazed?

Overall, Pokemon Glazed is everything you could want in a Pokemon game. Multiple regions, multiple generations of Pokémon, lots of content, lots of legends and side quests. The best thing is that the game is complete. So have fun with Pokemon Glazed because I doubt there will be too many more ROM hacks like this.

What is blazed glazed?

Anyway, in case you don’t know what Pokemon Blazed Glazed is, it’s a Pokemon Emerald Rom hack affecting the Tunod region along with Johto. Not only that, between these two lies a small archipelago called Rankor.

What’s the password in Pokémon glazed?

Can you get Genesect in Pokémon glazed?

After defeating Regina in the fusion labs, talk to a white man near the stairs to the right of the entrance to the fusion lab cave. He will give you a Genesekt .

What will you wish for Pokémon glazed?

What you have to do here is go to the wishing well in Darkwood Town and wish “JUSTICE!“. This will open a cave in the mountain where Keldeo is staying. You can fight it at level 40. The last mythical Pokemon we can get is none other than Mew.

Where is Flo Pokemon glazed?

Beating Seaspray Gym gives you TM03 (Water Pulse) and allows you to use HM06 (Rock Smash) out of combat. To get to Flo you need to turn the valve on the left side of the gym. This will flood the pool and you can walk towards Flo via the path.

What do you do in Seaspray town in Pokemon glazed?

Seaspray Town is a large port town in the western part of Tunod. In Seaspray, players can visit the Seaspray department store and challenge Flo, the water-type Gym Manager. Also, Seaspray Town is home to the Move Re-Teacher, which teaches your Pokémon a move for the cost of §500.

How do you get to Johto in Pokemon glazed?

Where is latias in Pokemon glazed?

Latias with Latios are the aeon duo blah blah blah. You can encounter them by defeating the Tunod Elite Four. Outside the purple city in the Legendary Pokémon Laboratory, a scientist (the one in the middle) will tell you where to encounter them.

How do you get arceus in Pokemon glazed?

How do you get Keldeo in Pokemon glazed?

How big is Mega Charizard?



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