Where Do I Train for Olivine Gym?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 19, 2022

For fairly good XP, I’d suggest fighting either in the grass just north of Olivine or outside of the Safari Zone and killing Wild Tauros. Depending on the level, I’ve seen them give at least 500 EXP.

How do I get to the Gym Leader in Olivine City?

Once you’ve obtained Cianwood’s secret potion, you can return here to battle Gym Leader Jasmine. She uses high-level Steel-type Pokémon that are resistant to most types of attacks.

How do you get to the olivine Lighthouse Gym Leader?

The Gym Leader will ask you to travel west across the water to get medicine from Cianwood City. Agree to that, then use the elevator to reach the first floor of the lighthouse, where you can then head outside and begin your westward journey (grab the super potion before exiting the top floor!)

Where is the olivine gym?

Olivine GYM. The gym is located at the north end of town. Unlike most other gyms in the game, upon entering this gym you won’t find hostile trainers wanting something from you.

Where do I go after olivine gym?

Exit Olivine City through the west to get onto Route 40, a small vertical route with some land and lots of water.

What number Gym Leader is Jasmine?

How old is Jasmine in Pokemon?

9 Jasmine: 15 years old

Olivine City’s Gym Leader is Jasmine. She is special as she is the first Steel-type Gym Leader in the series.

What do I do after I beat Jasmine?

Once you defeat them, you will receive the Mineral Badge. You can use it to train Pokémon up to level 70 that will still obey you. There is not much more to do here. You can check out the place where the S.S.

What do you do in Olivine City?

The port town of Olivine City has a few interesting attractions – the lighthouse and the port for the high-speed boat S.S. Aqua. There is an issue with the lighthouse that you must address before you can even attempt to fight the town gym leader.

Where is the olivine lighthouse?

What city is Olivine City based on?

How do you heal Jasmine’s Ampharos?

Gold, Silver, and Crystal

When first encountered, she is in the Glitter Lighthouse with a sick Ampharos and will not return to the Gym until her Pokémon is healed. The secret potion is the only cure for Amphy’s disease. The secret potion is given to Jasmine, who will heal Amphy alone.

How do you fight the Gym Leader in Cianwood City?

However, there are two trainers guarding the stairs leading up, so be ready for a fight. Although you only need to access the switch on the left to fight the Hall Manager, make sure you fight the two trainers on the right side of the room as well.

What Pokemon does Pryce have?

Pryce always leads with his signature Pokemon Mamoswine.

How do you get to Olivine City?

Go west of Ecruteak. Along the way you will fight some trainers and here is an apricot tree. You will pass Miltank Farm where a sick Miltank needs 7 Oran Berries to heal.



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