Where Do I Get Bags in Wow?

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Bag Vendors (sometimes called Bag Vendors) are NPC vendors who sell bags ranging in size from 6 to 12 slots.

bag seller.
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Stormwind City Alyssa Griffith
The Exodar Cuzi
Orgrimmar Gotri
Lower Town Jonathan Chambers
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Where can I buy bags in Stormwind?

Alyssa Griffith is a level 30 bag vendor in the center of Old Town in the human city of Stormwind. She works in The Protective Hide.

What profession makes bags in WoW Classic?

Only Tailors can make bags. Players can purchase bags from loot drops, quests, or from vendors. However, tailors can offer bags in larger quantities while offering lower prices than specialty retailers.

What are the biggest bags you can get in WoW?

They are available in sizes from 1 to 34 compartments and are usually widely available on the auction house as many bags are made and sold by tailors.

Where is the bag vendor in Orgrimmar?

Gotri is an Orc Bag Vendor in Gotri’s Travel Gear in the Drag in Orgrimmar.

Where do I buy bags in Shadowlands?

Where can I buy bags in Dalaran?

Susana Averoy is on the second floor of the Glorious Goods Store to the right of the Dalaran Fishing Trainer. This is the same building as the rogue entrance to their classroom.

Can you make bags with leatherworking WoW?

Leatherworking Bags are a special type of bag that can be used to store leather, skinning knives, and other leatherworking materials. There are bags with 20, 24 and 28 compartments. All of them are crafted by Leatherworkers and are bound when equipped. Leatherworking bags were first introduced in patch 2.3.

Can you make bags with leatherworking Classic?

Every bag you can craft in WoW Classic

All cloth obtained from leveling can be turned into bolts of cloth to craft bags.

What level do you have to be to Tailor a bag?

How many bank slots are in wow?

Capital cities like Orgrimmar or Stormwind City have banks where you can store up to 24 items. In addition, there are a total of six bag slots in the bank that you can purchase to further increase your bank’s inventory. Each backpack slot in the bank increases in price with each purchase.

What is a mining bag wow?

Mining Bags are special bags first made available in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. They can contain the following items: Blacksmith’s Hammers. mining picks. Pickaxes with blades.

Are there tailoring bags in wow?

Where can I buy TBC bags in Orgrimmar?

It can be found in the shop of Gotri’s Travel Gear. The shop is on the ground floor in The Drag, just below Marogg, the NPC who gives you the Orgrimmar daily cooking quests.

Where is the bag vendor in darnassus?

Yldan is a night elf bag vendor on the Tradesmen’s Terrace in Darnassus.

How many bags can you have in wow?

The bag slots, or inventory, are located above the micromenu, which contains a backpack and 4 bag item slots. The default backpack is a 16-slot container, so it can hold sixteen items – one in each slot. New bags you purchase may be smaller containers or larger than your backpack.

Where can I buy bags in Undercity?

Jonathan Chambers is a level 30 Bag Trader in the Rogue Quarter in Forsaken Undercity. He may be related to Jessica Chambers, the innkeeper at Light’s Hope Chapel, and Field Marshal Chambers.

Where is the vendor in Dalaran?



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