Where Can I Watch the Uncut Version of Vikings?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 18, 2022

In the US, all episodes were censored for airing on the History Channel due to violence, nudity, profanity and time restrictions. However, the uncensored versions of the episodes can be found on the US Blu-rays.

Is Vikings censored on Amazon Prime?

Although the entire series is currently available on Amazon Prime, most episodes have been shortened and some more adult moments of sex and gore have been trimmed for the original show.

Is Vikings on Netflix uncensored?

Netflix launched the popular historical drama series Vikings in India in May 2020. However, to the shock of viewers, it was a censored version. The show, released uncensored in the US and Italy, comes with several cuts and blurring, as reported by users. The censored scenes show nudity, violence and even flesh!

How can I watch the full version of Vikings?

The best way to watch Vikings is on Amazon Prime Video.

Which season of Vikings is censored?

Netflix is ​​playing a censored version of the historical drama Vikings in India, which strangely defaces two cooked pigs in Season 5 Episode 12 “Murder Most Foul.” That’s because the streaming service is broadcasting the version that premiered on History TV18 in India.

Is Vikings suitable for 13 year olds?

It’s a very good series in terms of the actors and historically from you. I do not recommend this for young children under the age of 18 unless they are very mature for their age and it will not affect them.

Is the Vikings series 18?

You are old enough. The show is intended for a more mature audience, and the violence and suggestive themes might be too much for a younger audience. You like history.

Is there 2 versions of Vikings?

This is a comparison between the American TV Version that aired on the History Channel and the Extended Version. Overall, the Extended Version is 143.76 seconds (2:24 minutes) longer than the TV Version. The TV version contains a summary.

How do you Uncensor Netflix?

In a web browser, go to your account page. Open the profile & Parental control settings for the profile you want to manage. Change the viewing restrictions setting.

Why is Vikings rated TV MA?

The series is violent, often very, with graphic fight scenes featuring hand-to-hand combat, stabbings, stoning, beatings and even the occasional beheading.

Does Hulu Vikings have nudity?

Since nudity is not shown in the show, there are scenes that allude to sex or show brief scenes of kissing in bed and before and after bits of sex.

How can I watch uncensored Vikings in India?

It will be broadcast on the History Channel. It’s even better on Amazon Prime because you get uncut, extended episodes.

Which version of Vikings is on Hulu?

Although Netflix will be the home of the Vikings spinoff series, the original series is not currently available on the streamer. However, it does have a streaming home on Hulu and Prime Video. Currently the first six seasons of Vikings are all streaming on Hulu while Prime Video has the first three seasons.

Are Netflix shows censored?

Netflix has updated its corporate culture memo, revealing that content will not be censored even if employees deem it “harmful. The popular streaming services and production company reportedly updated its corporate memo for the first time in almost five years.



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