Where Can I Watch Slam Dunk Interhigh Episodes?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 19, 2022

What episode is Slam Dunk Interhigh?

Slam Dunk: Season 1: Episode 28.

Where can I find Slam Dunk anime?

Slam Dunk – Watch on Crunchyroll.

How do I watch Slam Dunk in order?

Is the Slam Dunk anime completed?

The anime premiered on October 16, 1993 and ended on March 23, 1996 with the anime series ending at the start of Inter High, right after Shohoku played a practice match against a combined shoyo and Ryonan team .

Who won Inter High in Slam Dunk?

According to the same source, Daiei Gakuen defeated Kainan in the finals to win the tournament.

Who beat Kainan in Interhigh?


Kainan University Affiliated High School basketball team has won the Kanagawa Inter-High Tournament for 17 consecutive years and is known as the “Kings of Kanagawa”. However, Kainan lost in the semifinals of the previous National Championship to defending champion Sannoh by 30 points.

Is Slam Dunk available in Netflix?

Slam Dunk | Watch Netflix.

Is Shohoku a real school?

This real high school is the model for Shohoku High School in manga and anime. However, while most of the locations in Slam Dunk are set in Kanagawa Prefecture, this one is in Musashino, Tokyo.

Which is better Slam Dunk vs Kuroko no basket?

Kuroko’s basketball is commonly referred to as “this generation’s slam dunk,” meaning it’s the definitive basketball anime of the 2010s. However, if you were to actually compare the two, Kuroko’s Basketball is undoubtedly the better anime.

Who is the girlfriend of Hanamichi Sakuragi?

It tells the story of Hanamichi Sakuragi, a teenager who falls in love with Haruko Akagi after being rejected by 50 other girls.

Who won Ryonan vs Shohoku?

Did Hanamichi and Haruko end up together?

Unfortunately, Sakuragi and Haruko didn’t end up together in the slam dunk.

Who did Shohoku lost to?

Their only loss was to eventual champion Kainan but still made it through to Nationals and finished second as a representative for Kanagawa after defeating Takezato and Ryonan. They are classified as a C-class team and were placed in a tough tournament class during the Nationals tournament.

Will Slam Dunk have a remake?

An animated film of one of basketball’s most popular series, “Slam Dunk”, has been announced for fall next year. In addition, Takehiko Inoue, the manga author of ‘Slam Dunk’, will be responsible for writing the script and directing the film.

Is Slam Dunk getting a movie?

Slam Dunk returns to theaters with a brand new movie and prepares to debut its very first trailer with a new poster shedding light on some very important details ahead of launch later this year!



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