Where Can I Get Harbor Mail?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 25, 2022

Where do you get the harbor mail?

To get the coin box you need the harbor mail from the trick house on Route 110 and then you have to go to Mauville and exchange the mail for the box. You must have the Stone Badge, HM Cut, and Dynamo Badge to pull it off.

Where do I get Harbor mail in Ruby?

Where can I get Harbor Mail in Ruby? At the Pokémon Market in Slateport City. It should be the lowest item in the store’s range.

Where do I get Harbour mail in Emerald?

What do harbor mail do?

Where do you deliver the Devon Goods?

Go back to Rustboro City and give the Devon Worker the stolen goods. He gives you a big ball. He lets you visit the Devon Corporation and asks you to deliver the goods to the Slateport Shipyard.

Where do I go after Captain Stern?

Go to Stern’s Shipyard. It’s an orange building in southeast Slateport. There you will find Dock. Dock is responsible for the design of the ferry.

What does harbor mail do in Emerald?

Used to send short messages to other players about trading Pokémon. The trainer can compose a message from a finite list of words when giving this item to a Pokémon. Once a message has been recorded and read, it can be deleted and reused, or the message can be saved on the trainer’s PC.

Where is Steven in Pokemon Emerald?

Steven fights alongside the player against Maxie and Tabitha in the Mossdeep Space Center.

Can Aron evolve?

Aron (Japanese: ココドラ Cokodora) is a dual-type Steel/Stone Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Lairon at level 32, which evolves into Aggron at level 42.

How do you evolve minun?

This Pokémon does not evolve.

Where do u find Captain Stern in Pokémon Emerald?

Where is Captain Stern Pokémon Emerald?

Where do I get coin case?

How do you get a lot of coins in Pokemon Emerald?

Where can I find Numel?

Numel lives on volcanic mountains.

Where is Stern’s Shipyard?

Sterns Werft is a large brown building on the seafront. There are two houses in front of the building and three small wooden boats are around the building. Located in the eastern part of Slateport City, it is where the S.S. Tidal built.

How do I get to Verdanturf?

After completing the Mauville Gym, you can head west to reach the town of Verdanturf, which is connected to the Rusturf Tunnel.

How do you deliver the letter to Steven in Pokemon Ruby?

Go to Granite Cave

You still have to deliver the letter to Steven. He’s in the granite cave to the northwest. When you’re ready, head northwest to Granite Cavern.

What is Poochyena hidden ability?

Its keen sense of smell lets it hunt a chosen prey without ever losing the trail. At first glance, Poochyena will bite anything that moves. This Pokémon hunts prey until the victim is exhausted. However, it can turn its tail if prey fights back.



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