Where Can I Find Yorha Betrayers?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 17, 2022

Frequently, the renegade YoRHa soldiers for the second battle on the roof of the main building have long appeared at the beginning of the game in the area of ​​the city ruins.

How do I get YoRHa betrayers quest?

This quest is given to the players of Operator 60. It arrives in the player’s inbox after reaching the flooded part of the city ruins after defeating the Goliath. Once you’ve completed the quest, head out of the city ruins to the locations marked on your map.

How many YoRHa units are there?

There are about 100 to 200 YoRHa members. There are 13 orbital bases, but the bunker is the only YoRHa base.

Can you do heritage of the past as 9S?

For example, the quest “The Legacy of the Past” becomes only available during your second playthrough. This quest asks 9S to find four different relics in the desert zone and return them to a researcher trying to learn about mankind’s distant past.

What is YoRHa for the glory of mankind?

A common phrase used in YoRHa as a greeting, salutation, and dismissal is “Glory to Mankind,” often uttered at the end of high-profile messages as well as those of the Council of Mankind itself.

What is the best weapon in NieR Automata?

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