Where Can I Find Fallen Majors and Ultras?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 26, 2022

One is on the Ishtar Cliffs, the area you reach by following the Shattered Coast path where a Fallen DropShip will often drop yellow bar Vandals and you can also find one in the dark swampy area off the cliff edge, guarded by a trio of Shanks.

Where can I find hive majors and ultras?

Enter the first building on the left. Hidden below are three Hive Majors (two Acolytes and a Knight). All three always spawn as majors and the respawn time is also six seconds.

Where can I find an ultra in Destiny 1?

An Ultra in Destiny is a named enemy with a health bar that is solid yellow and has a yellow skull next to it. You can find an Ultra in Destiny’s original campaign at the end of the Scourge of Winter mission: Draksis, the Winterkell.

Where can I find fallen majors?

Typically there is a high rank Fallen Vandal in it along with low rank Thugs. You’ll also encounter Fallen Majors in various other locations at different times, including near the cracked dome on top of the hill in the middle of Archer’s Line.

What are majors in Destiny 1?

A Major is a high-ranking enemy of any species or class. They can be distinguished by their yellow health bars and sometimes unique names. These enemies have more health and attack power than normal enemies and can be equipped with absorption shields.

How do you get all exotics in Destiny 1?

How do you get exotics in d1?

How do you get exotic engrams d1?

Are yellow bars majors or bosses?

Initially I thought a boss is a boss and a major is just a grunt with a yellow bar. However, when using Finest Matterweave, it specifically states that a boss must be defeated in order to obtain an enhancement core. But as anyone who’s used one knows, every yellow bar kill will drop a core.

How much does boss spec do?

Boss Specialization-Increased damage against bosses and vehicles by 7%. You have the yellow health bars. You are literally a boss enemy or mini bosses. It’s better for them to be on Rockets, Grenade Launchers, Linear Fusion Rifles (especially with the buff coming soon) and Swords.



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