Where Can I Buy Vespoid Razorwing?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 31, 2022

Where can I buy Vespoid material?

To get Vespoid materials, you need to find Vespoid monsters. These are located in the Guardian Ratha Forest, right on North Kamuna Cape. The catch is that they don’t appear until the end of the game, when the landscape in that area turns into an enraged nightmare zone called Forbidden Grounds.

Where can I buy Vespoid wing?

Vespoids live on Hakolo Island in the Guardian Ratha Forest.

If you visit this forest for the first time, you will only find Bnahabra. There are no Vespoids buzzing around the second time either. Only on the third visit, when the game’s plot comes to an end, do Vespoids appear in Ratha Forest.

Where is Master rank Vespoid?

How to find Vespoid in MH World. Vespoid can often be found at the northeast end of the Ancient Forest (see map below for exact location) and northeast of the eastern camp in the Wildspire Wastes.

How do you get the inner wing Vespoid?

Fortunately, Vespoid can be found in the Ancient Forest. The catch, however, is that you need to engage in high tier content for the Vespoid Innerwing to drop. This can be an expedition or any quest as long as it is considered high priority.

Where can I find Vespoid material in Monster Hunter Story 2?

Monster Hunter Stories 2 players can find Vespoids in Guardian Ratha Woods after dark, but this is currently the only known location where they spawn.

Where are Vespoid in Wildspire?

Vespoids can be found in two areas in the Wildspire Desert, in the southern part of AREA 9, at the southernmost end of the map, and in the northeasternmost area, AREA 8, above Diablos’ Lair.

How do you get a Hornetaur wing?

How do you make monster broth?

You can obtain Monster Broth by carving high-level Temnoceran and Neopteron – insect-like little monsters, including Altaroth, Bnahabra, and Rachnoid, with Rachnoid having the highest chance of dropping Monster Broth while carving.

What are Vespoids in Monster Hunter world?

Vespoid is a Neopteron that appears in Monster Hunter: World. These insects paralyze their targets with their long spikes. They break easily, so attack them with poison or slingshot ammo if you want to carve them. They can be found in the Jungle, Wildspire Desert, Coral Highlands, and Rotten Vale.

How do you get Vespoid shells in Monster Hunter World?

What is Tobi-Kadachi weak to?

Is Tobi-Kadachi vulnerable to any elements? Yes, Tobi-Kadachi is particularly vulnerable to Water attacks, but also takes solid damage from Fire and Ice.

How do you get a tough claw?

Tough Claw can be obtained by killing one of the following Master rank small monsters: Jagras, Shamos, Girros, or Wulg. It’s the master tier equivalent of the low tier sharpening claw and high tier piercing claw, so they’re pretty common.



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