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Are cheongsam and qipao the same?

While the terms cheongsam and qipao are often used interchangeably (the two terms actually refer to the same garment), they actually have different origins. Cheongsam comes from Cantonese and means “long dress”, while qipao comes from Mandarin and literally means “banner robe”.

What is another name for qipao?

Cheongsam (UK: /tʃ(i)ɒŋˈsæm/, US: /tʃɔːŋˈsɑːm/), also known as qipao (/ˈtʃiːpaʊ/) and sometimes referred to as tangerine dress, is a Chinese of women Worn dress inspired by Qizhuang, Manchu ethnic clothing.

What does the qipao symbolize?

From feminist icons to screen bombs, decade after decade, the qipao has shown it’s more than just a dress; It’s a symbol of freedom, independence and power and has an exciting and dare I say sexy future.

What is the qipao neckline called?

Qipao part 1: Stand-up collar (领/領)

The stand-up collar is one of the most important parts of a Qipao. The collar is usually a single piece of material that wraps around the neck, with the two ends meeting at the center front of the neck.

Can foreigners wear qipao?

Unlike some cultural garments with deeper cultural and spiritual meanings, such as Native American headdresses, qipao is fairly neutral in China today as retro fashion clothes that anyone can wear anywhere , whereas keziahs critics ascribed untouchable deference to him.

Who can wear a cheongsam?

3. Who can wear a cheongsam? In China, most women can wear a cheongsam, regardless of age or social status. Nowadays.

What does a red cheongsam mean?

2: Color of the Qipao

In Chinese culture, red symbolizes everything one could wish for – good luck, fortune and joy. That’s why the envelopes you get for Chinese New Year are also red. So brides usually choose red for their Chinese wedding dress to be lucky.

How do you pronounce qipao?

What are the styles of qipao?

Why are qipaos sexualized?

Especially the qipao is a perfect dress for sexualization, as this garment symbolizes a submissive woman through the well-known history of female subservience in China. Regarding male pursuits with their tendency to retain women, it’s pretty easy to see why this dress is being romanticized.

What does a blue cheongsam mean?

Blue cheongsam dresses

The color blue represents immortality and growth in Chinese culture. Blue cheongsams have become one of the most popular alternatives to traditional red or white Chinese attire. It is considered a feminine colour, often in combination with green.

How can I look good in cheongsam?

If you have a slim top with a thicker bottom, opt for colorful tops and dramatic necklines instead to draw attention to your shoulders. Chunky necklaces or earrings can do the same. Create the look of a smaller waist with a modern A-line or princess cheongsam.

When can you wear a qipao?

Formal occasions such as weddings or banquets are appropriate times to wear a qipao. (Just make sure you wear a qipao of a different color to the wedding, since red is the bride’s color in traditional Chinese weddings.) Seasonal festivals like Lunar New Year are also a good time to wear it.

How tight should a cheongsam be?


When getting your cheongsam tried on or fitted, try to sit down and make sure it doesn’t ride up too much. You should also be able to cross your legs easily.

Does a qipao have a zipper?

All traditional qipaos required a front so that the dress could actually be buttoned and unbuttoned for dressing and undressing. But as revamped qipaos became popular, some dresses were made without a front piece and instead zipped up the back or side.

Can a white person wear a cheongsam?

There is no law as to whether it is acceptable to wear cheongsam if you are not Chinese. It depends on the spirit in which you wear a garment – and whether that spirit expresses respect or condescension.

How much does a qipao cost?

His specialty is hand-painted qipao, for which experienced painters design symbols or patterns according to your order and paint them on the qipao. A hand-painted custom qipao costs between $250 and $275 (RMB 1,680 – 1,900) and takes about 15 days to make

What should you not wear in China?

Shirts that are low-cut or leave most of the shoulders and back exposed should be avoided. Likewise, it’s safer not to wear incredibly short dresses, skirts, or shorts when deciding what to wear in China. Jogging pants should also be avoided as casual streetwear.

Can I wear qipao to a wedding?

Nowadays many brides are considering wearing a qipao as a Chinese wedding dress for their tea ceremony or wedding. The qipao originated during Manchu rule in China, but the original clothing worn by Manchu women was baggy and baggy, featuring a high collar with a straight skirt.



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