Where Are the Yardbirds in Grizzleheim?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 11, 2022

This can be found just before entering the last dungeon in Grizzleheim (without Wintertusk). The dungeon will be locked with a gate until you get the quest for it. Make sure you find the Yardbird before entering the dungeon as it is not inside but between the gate and the dungeon seal.

Where is the second Yardbird in Wizard101?

Second Vigrid Roughland Yardbird

Look for this Yardbird in Vigrid Roughland near the caves in the background. Take a grassy ramp to the lookout to find this bird.

Where is the fourth Yardbird in vigrid Roughland in Wizard101?

There are two different Yardbirds in Vigrid Roughland. The Fourth Yardbird is near the teleport stones, behind one of the berry bushes. The Fifth Yardbird is located near Anders Holt. A grassy path winds behind Hans the Lost Bear, which you follow to the top of the hill.

Where is the first Yardbird in Northguard Wizard101?

North Guard

Björn guards the door to the throne room. Go behind him and follow the catwalk to the left. The first Yardbird is at the end of the hike.

Where is the ninth Yardbird?

It’s in the Ravenscar Tower Aira.

Where are all the Yardbirds in Wizard101?

How many quests are in Grizzleheim?

About Grizzleheim

Grizzleheim has a total of 68 quests. Among these quests are 15 regular mob battles and 11 defeat and collect quests.

Where are the Grizzleheim books?

How many quests are in Wintertusk?

Wintertusk has a total of 51 quests.

How do you unlock ravenscar in wizard101?

You must complete the Grizzleheim quest line to get there. Ravenscar is the last location in Grizzleheim before reaching Wintertusk, which you will eventually need to complete if you want to receive some of your spell and pet quests later in the game.

How do you get Todd pole in wizard101?

The first thing you need to catch is the Todd Pole, a fairly common rank 1 lifefish found in Northguard. To find this fish, I suggest you use the Reveal Fish spell. To catch it, use the Lure of Lesser Vitality.

Where are the lore of the runes in wizard101?

Nidavelli aka Winterdeep Warren – (Dungeon) – On the map, find the small square area closest to the center of the maze. Book there.

How do you get to vigrid Roughland in wizard101?

To get there, you must have completed the previous area. Since you are level 46 you should be able to do this in one day. The area you need to finish is Stardsvard Pass. If you don’t have a quest on your list, go to Bjron Ironclaws in Northgard (the “Commons” of Grizzleheim).

How do you get to Helgrind Warren in wizard101?

Re: Helgrind Warren

Go to the big blue palace under the bridge where you fought Jotun. Helgrind Warren is a side dungeon, the one on the left I believe. Inside, you’ll have to fight some Balance Colossus types, and defeating them will open a series of doors.

How do I get into Mirkholm Keep?

You see, you have to complete Savarstaad Pass and Vigrid Roughland by completing all the main and side quests there. Once you’ve completed these areas, wait for Merle Ambrose to call you to visit his office and talk to Bjorn Ironclaws. Go, then Mirkholm Keep is unlocked! :-D.

Where are the beetles in Krokotopia?

What’s the longest world in Wizard101?

Statistically, Khrysalis (post-Azteca world) is currently the longest world within the entire spiral with over 100 quests to complete.

Who is the last boss in Grizzleheim?

Othin Stormwater | Wizard 101-Wiki | Fangemeinde.



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