Where Are the Looker Tickets?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 17, 2022

Enter the white museum on North Boulevard. Inside, go right to find the ticket in front of the couch. Bring the tickets back to Looker and the mission is complete.

How do you trigger the Looker missions?

To trigger the Eye-Catcher missions, you must first visit North Boulevard in Lumiose City, both after completing the game and upgrading your Mega Ring. Fly or walk to the Pokémon Center and someone should contact you and ask you to go to the Looker office near Rouge Plaza.

How do you navigate Lysandre labs hidden floor?

A hidden floor can only be unlocked by entering a special password at the elevator; During the post-game Looker missions, Malva will unlock it for the player. The hidden floor can only be entered from B1 and only from B1 and B2.

How do you get to Kiloude City?

How to get to Kiloude City. After defeating the Elite Four and the Champion, go to Lumiose Station on North Boulevard in Lumiose City. Talk to Professor Sycamore there and he will give you the TMV Pass. Check the orange ticket machine next to the train to go to Kiloude City.

How do you get into Sushi High Roller?

It is located in Rouge Plaza in Lumiose City and is the fourth and final restaurant that the player character can use. 500,000) and has some strict entry requirements – the player character must defeat both the Elite Four and the Champion and improve their style.

Is Looker from Kalos?

Pokémon X and Y

Looker has traveled to the Kalos region to find and arrest Xerosic, but keeps his affiliation with the International Police a secret from the player and poses him himself as a detective who has recently been in Lumiose City.

Where do you find Looker in Pokemon Ultra Sun?

What Pokemon does Alain have?

Is Lysandre evil Pokemon?

Like Cyrus, Lysandre is the second villain team leader to die on screen.

Who is malva Pokemon?

Malva (Japanese: パキラ Pachira) is a Fire-type trainer and a member of the Kalos Elite Four. She was also a member of Team Flare before the organization disbanded.

What is in the Sea Spirit’s den?

Sea Spirit’s Den is a very small cave in the north of Azure Bay. The name of this cave is dedicated to Lugia, the trio master of the legendary birds Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. Depending on the player’s starter, one of the Legendary Trios will spawn after encountering it eleven times in Kalos.

What is the sticky stuff that Swirlix?

What is the sticky stuff that Swirlix expels to stop?

Jinx on October 26, 2013: The boy/girl (can’t tell) right next to where you spawn when you get there asked me, “What’s that goo that Swirlix is ​​spewing out to stop his opponent’s movement?” Answer is < b>Threads and they also give a Max Revive.



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