Where Are the Batteries in Ff7?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 6, 2022

Talk to the man on the left side of the shop behind the cage and he will tell you that you need a battery to climb to the top of the plate. Offer to buy them from him for 100 Gil each and you will receive the Batteries key item.

How do I get to Wall Market ff7?

Head back through the Sector 5 Slum and you will encounter Aeris near the entrance to Sector 6. Cross the ruined road until you reach the park. Talk to Aeris and follow her into Wall Market.

How do I get to Sector 6 ff7?

To get to the Sector 6 Park from the main area of ​​Sector 6, the player must run through an area of ​​random encounters. This area contains a lot of junk. There is a support in this area that allows the player to move from the ground to a higher level to continue, but the game doesn’t make this clear.

How do I get to Shinra building ff7?

You can enter the Shinra building in 2 ways; through the entrance or through the back door. When you use the entrance, you will encounter enemies randomly. If you take the back door, you have to climb long flights of stairs to reach 60F.

Where do you get elemental Materia in ff7?

During Chapter 6, “Light the Way,” an Elemental Materia is the reward for the “Collapsed Passageway” discovery quest. . It is located on Wall Market, near the sewer exit in the Urban Advancement District.

How do you unlock a Tifa dress?

Exotic. Tifa chooses a black option when you choose the Exotic answer in Chapter 3. To unlock all three of Tifa’s dresses, you must play Chapter 3 three times in total. Each time you also have to play through Chapter 9 to unlock the clothes.

What do I say to the flower girl in ff7?

Aerith gives you a yellow flower for free. “How much?” will most likely increase Aerith’s luck, so choose it if you’re after Aerith for Ch. 14 date event. If Tifa is your primary choice, select “I’m fine” and then “Fine, I’ll take it” to avoid making Aerith happy.

Does the plate fall in ff7?

With the help of Don Corneo, Shinra identified Sector 7 as Avalanche’s base and decided to smash the plate. In Prevent the Platte from Falling, Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith returned to base to help Avalanche fight Shinra. Shinra successfully dropped the plate, destroying the town and killing Biggs, Wedge and Jessie.

What’s the mayor’s password ff7?

it will be MAKO.

How do I get the pharmacy coupon in ff7?

Go to the restaurant, get one of the meals, but you must answer affirmatively and you will receive a pharmacy voucher. If not, you’ll have to shell out another 70 gil to sit down and eat again. Go to the pharmacy and exchange the ticket for a digestive medicine, a disinfectant or a deodorant.

Should I remove Cloud and Tifa’s Materia?

You have a chance to remove Cloud and Tifa’s Materia before Barret, Aeris, and Red XIII flee. Choose to remove their Materia when given the opportunity. Before proceeding, take some time to properly equip all three characters with the materia you took from Cloud and Tifa.

How do I get to floor 69 ff7?

Walk all the way until you find two purple potions, then climb back down and enter the door from the ground floor. The green light bars won’t hurt you; Run through it and pick up two more potions before climbing the stairs to the 69th floor. Exit through the middle door to access a save point.

What is Red 13’s name?

Red XIII (レッドXIII, Reddo Sātīn, pronounced “Red Thirteen”), birth name Nanaki (ナナキ), is a powerful, intelligent member of an unnamed canine species with the ability to speak. In Final Fantasy VII, he temporarily joins Cloud’s team after they save him from Hojo in the Shinra building.

What is the best Materia in FF7 Remake?

Can you get more than 2 elemental Materia?

How many elemental materia are there? So far we have only been able to confirm two Elemental Materia in the game. You cannot obtain multiple of these materia by replaying the game.

Can you get a second elemental Materia?

You can grab a second Elemental Materia later in Chapter 14. However, you can only get these if you have completed every single side quest up to that point. If you need help finding and completing them all, you can check out our full FF7 Remake side quest walkthrough.

Which is Cloud’s best dress?

Purple Dress (Best Dress for Cloud)

The purple dress is the hardest to obtain of the three FF7 Cloud dresses, and for good reason – it’s the most elaborate of all three, and is also the closest match to the original game.

Should Cloud drink the mystery drink?

If Cloud doesn’t drink the Mystery Drink, there will be no consequences. Skipping the drink doesn’t affect him negatively and it doesn’t affect the relationship with Aerith. While some were probably hoping that the mystery drink would be a buff or offer SP for weapon upgrades, it’s just a MacGuffin.

What happens if you tell Tifa to wear something exotic?

Unlock Tifa’s clothes

Tifa’s clothes depend on how you answer her question in chapter 3 about what to wear. If you answer mature, Tifa is wearing a blue lace dress. If you answer “sporty,” Tifa wears a leopard print cheongsam. If you answer “exotic”, Tifa is wearing a black and gray robe dress.

Why did they change Aeris to Aerith?

Aeris is the literal and correct translation of the original game. Aerith is the correct translation for later content and the remake due to later decided relationships and reception, but this doesn’t carry over to the original as this all happened post-release. I personally like to call her flower girl.



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